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Marriage to Save - Family to Keep

When two people are starting to get really sick of each other and thinking of calling it quits, the hardest part about contemplating a divorce is when they realize what will happen to their kids. If you now find yourself in a similar situation, try to think things through first when deciding whether

Bachelor Party Planning

This is where best man comes in. One of his main duties is to make sure the groom is thrown the best bachelor party humanly possible, the night of the year, a night to remember. He deserves a share of the spotlight too! This party should meet all of his expectations and exceed them...

Where Do You Start When Trying To Save Your Marriage?

Nobody said that marriage was easy but there are proven steps to save your Marriage if you are having problems. If you do nothing, the chances are that the marriage will fail. If you do something and take steps to resolve your marriage problems there is a much better chance that you and your partner

Colorado Custody and Visitation Schedules - Points of Law to Consider

Parents in Colorado who need to make a custody and visitation schedule need to familiarize themselves with Title 14 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. These statutes contain the laws and guidelines the state has legislated concerning child custody, and they are very helpful in the process of making a

Use These Tips In Dealing With Marital Problems

People get engaged and married for different reasons. Some get married to have children, others for companionship or to join the status quo, since they have become of age, as well as for convenience."

4 Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Bridal showers are fun events. This is the time when the bride gets to enjoy her last moments as a single woman. Bridal shower games should be on the top of your priorities when planning ...

Suffolk Wedding Venues In Spring

Spring weddings are all the rage right now. It's a great time of year to begin your relationship journey with your soul mate, and for good reason! However, that doesn't mean that planning for a ...

Is An Engagement Party Really Necessary?

Engagement parties are a great way to announce and celebrate your engagement with family and friends. There are some factors to consider when deciding when and if you should even have an engagement party. The main issues to consider are how far the wedding is from the engagement party, how much the

Ways to get Her Back Permanently

If you have broken up with your ex and have realised that she was the right one for you then you need to be active to get her back. You do not get anything in ...

Attracting the Love of Your Life - Part 2

So few people take the time to get to know themselves. To become their own best friend.I would bet that a good 80% of the population out there wouldn't be able to spend more than 10 minutes in a room completely alone with absolutely no entertainment at all. No radio, no books, no television. No

Best Love Poems

Emily Watson once said that the heart speaks the language of love that is best expressed by poems. As far back as the written word, poems have played an essential role in the expression of human dreams and desires. Poets in all parts of the world have always made efforts to explore and express the e

Divorce - A New Rite of Passage For the 21st Century

A break up doesn't have to mean that your world is ending. Sure, sometimes it feels as if everything you worked for is gone and that the beliefs you held sacred have failed you. You may question your faith in Divinity, disavow your belief in true love, and shake your fist at destiny. But even t