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Creating Instant Sexual Chemistry With a Woman

If you thought you were finished with chemistry lessons the day you graduated high school, think again. There's nothing more important in the dating game than sexual chemistry, and if you don't have it, you ...

Online Dating - Have Fun And Avoid The Lurking Dangers

Online Dating is taking the world by storm, and with good reason. It can be a lot of fun and a great way to meet your special someone. But there are dangers, and by understanding those dangers you can easily avoid them. Read this article and be safe.

Advice for finding the true love online

Dating sites both free as well as paid is just over pouring with millions of members and many dating sites are happy to post the testimonials of their site's successful members. Everything se

Kissing Tips

For a young person who has little experience of kissing the opposite sex, the first kiss can be a stressful experience! For more experienced men and women, worries still abound. The first kiss can often make or break a date. If it's not a lip-smacking corker, the person you've got the hots

Finding Mister Right For Today's Modern Woman

In the modern age, the woman has become something socially that the sex has not been in recent generations. Today's woman is more accomplished, educated highly, and has more goals, dreams, and ambitions than ever. As a result, the typical woman is now slowly becoming more selective in the man t

Dry Sex - Advanced Techniques For Non-Penetrative Orgasms

Of all the kinds of Non-Penetrative Sex (NPS) dry sex is the most common. It is great for couples as it give a different kind of orgasm and because the feelings of clothing can give different kinds of stimulation depending on how rough or smooth it is.

Why People Want, But Do Not Date Chinese Women?

Explore the thousands of profiles they have and as per your preferences, pick any of those, contact the individual, and then if you think you guys can move ahead, plan a date!

Dating Advice: Dating Rules When Looking For Love - Rule 1

When looking for love, the number one rule should be: Don't settle! Know your worth and go after it! Relationships should be meaningful in all ways, not just a few, the only way to make that happen is to date someone who is on your level.

Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas – What to Do, When

Few women would argue that the best, most romantic Valentine's Day would include an intimate dinner at a quiet restaurant, a bottle of champagne, and a diamond token of your affection. Here are tips and ...

How to Use Body Language to Tell If He Likes You Or Not - Some Useful Hints

I'd like to start off by saying that you don't want to have unrealistic expectations about becoming an overnight expert on body language.Plenty of so called experts have actually been pretty wrong when trying to read someone,so you shouldn't expect that you are going to be able to get

Learn to Read How Women Flirting Display Certain Behaviours

Women flirting will behave in certain ways to try and give guys signals they are interested in or attracted to them. However, most men don't know how to interpret these flirting signs and are missing opportunities where they could be getting with these women if they only knew how to read the si