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5 Awesome Fall Ideas For Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are items that the bride gives to guests to thank them for coming to her wedding. One of the ways that a bride tries to set her wedding apart from all the rest is by having one of a kind favors. If you are such a bride, here are some great suggestions to help you get started.

How To Cut The Wedding Guest List Without Cutting Your Throat

It is always difficult to make out a guest list for a wedding. It can be a very emotionally draining task and you always worry whether or not you forgot someone. Deciding who to invite to your wedding and who to strike from the list is easier if you break the list down into manageable sections.

Kashmiri Wedding

The northern most state of India, Kashmir is a valley of beauty and excellence. It is known as "The Paradise on Earth" and the people are loving and beautiful. Kashmiri wedding has many similarities with other Indian wedding but one should attend a Kashmiri wedding in his/her lifetime beca

Czech Republic Wedding Traditions

Celebrating weddings in Toronto is a multi-cultural event. So by keeping that in mind, there are many different wedding celebrations, because each culture has their own wedding traditions. This article will focus specifically on Czech Republic wedding traditions. So what makes a Czech Republic weddi

Best Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi and Gurgaon

Ever thought about where do all of the happening people get married, in case you have then you may have guessed the answer - Destination Weddings. Whether it is Europe, Maldives, India or even Paris, ...

Wedding Planning Organizers-a Memorable Day

Most wedding planning organizers would tell that as the wedding date draws near, the tight organizing begins to unravel. No one can quite explain it, but it happens. I'm sure that stress has a lot to do with it, among other things.The Master Wedding Planning Guide is loaded with step-by-step gu

How To Choose Wedding Invitation Wording For An Event

The occurrence known as wedding happens to be one of the best times in your everyday life. The design of which feeling is founded, most especially on wedding ask for, will be amazingly exonerated on t

Bridal Attire Choices

Where do you get ideas for your wedding gown and jewelry? Magazines? Photographs? Even if you begin with a certain style in mind it may help to be flexible.

Your Wedding Ceremony - Help I Need A Timetable - Part 1

It's your wedding day.You've thought of this day your entire life.You don't know whether to laugh, cry, faint, throw up or run. Relax. Those of us who have gone this way have experienced the same thing, although many of us refuse to admit it!If the truth be told, it took most of that

How to Get a Marriage License in Houston, Texas

Wedding are joyous events with hundreds of details that have to be taken care of before the big day. One pesky little detail that can not be overlooked is getting a marriage license before the day of the ceremony. Even if you are planning a quiet ceremony before the justice of the peace in Houston,

Making Custom Wedding Invitations

Making plans for a wedding requires a large amount of work and can be very stressful. You want everything to be perfect. When guests receive your wedding invitations, you want them to see an invitation that makes them want to attend. Whatever custom style invitation you choose, it needs to fit the

Go Green With Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

With all of the scares of ozone depletion, many people are going green by living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Organic food, clothing, and a LOT of recycling are just a couple of ways to become environmentally friendly. Weddings are a huge ordeal, and most people spend more money on their wedding than

Games for a Jack and Jill Party

Party games get everyone involved at a couples' image by Travelfish from Fotolia.comInstead of a traditional bridal shower or bachelor and bachelorette parties, many bridal couples are opting to have a Jack and Jill party, also called a couples' shower. When planning a Jack...

Orchid Wedding Bouquets - Exotic Tropical Wedding Flowers

Orchid wedding bouquets are perfect for a destination wedding, a tropical theme wedding or simply to add an exotic flair to your day. They are very popular and for good reason. They are beautiful, fragrant and offer many design choices and colors.

Wedding Expenses: Who Pays For What?

Planning a wedding comes with many responsibilities, and one of the main questions that arise is, "Who pays for what?" It's no secret that wedding costs can cause tension and confusion, and the last thing ...

Wedding Videos - What to Consider

The months or even years of preparation that have gone into planning this wonderful special wedding day can be captured in photos to keep but having a video created is the perfect way of capturing those moments again in movement form. Seeing the movement of the laughter, tears and dancing is pricele