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Asthma Information - Special Types Of Asthma

A few types of asthma are special because they are caused due to certain special conditions like Exercise Induced Asthma, Hidden Asthma, Aspirin Sensitive Asthma, Occupational Asthma.

Asthma Triggers: Stress

Forces from the outside world that are sometimes impossible to avoid create stress, and individuals deal with it in different ways. The effects of stress can be quite damaging to the health of our bodies; especially if you have a preexisting condition such as asthma. The American Lung Association ex

Pet Allergies - The Secret of Living With Your Allergies

It is very common for individuals with Asthma to be allergic to their pets. In this article, we will cover allergy relief steps you can take to help with pet allergies. Having pet allergies is common and you are not alone. Read On...

Is It Allergies Or a Chronic Sinus Infection?

For many people, the two most vibrant and colorful seasons, spring and fall, also bring a myriad of symptoms. Congestion, fatigue, sore throats, clogged ears, irritability and even coughing are constant companions. But do these symptoms stem from a cold or allergies or a chronic sinus infection? Som

Allergies And Insomnia - Are Your Allergies Keeping You Up at Night?

Insomnia includes both the problem of not being able to sleep at night, as well as waking up and staying awakeduring the night.Causes are many, and allergies can be one of the causes. For example, allergies can irritate the respiratory system, causing you to wake up.


Anaphylaxis is a rare,generalized,potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to a particular substance (allergen) to which individuals have previously developed an extreme sensitivity (hypersensitivity). The reaction typically occurs within seconds or minutes or,more rarely,up to a few hours aft

Nutritional Supplements for Allergies

Why some people develop allergies to certain substances and the others do not, is not totally clear.It does seem that certain allergic responses, such as hay fever, have a genetic basis.An excess accumulation of mucus in the body, which attracts and stores the irritant, also contributes to or causes

Understanding Childhood Allergies

For centuries parents have fretted over their children's childhood allergies.From peanuts to milk, there are a great many allergies that can plague a child in their early years. Understanding the causes and treatment of childhood allergies.

Why Do We Suffer During Hay Season?

Most people ask 'why do we suffer during hay season'. Well the simplest explanation we know of is when the seasons change there is an increase in pollen. Research that has recently been done is stating that there are only certain plants that are contributing to hey fever and allergies.

Banish Allergies by Cleaning Your Bed and Mattress

Allergies can be a real pain. Whether it is pollen, pet hair or dust mites, allergens can change peoples lifestyles due to their hypersensitive effects. Yet what many people do not know is that many allergies can be caused by having an unkempt bedroom, especially where they sleep. This guide will th

Perfume Allergies

In the last few years, there have been emergent concerns about the allergic potential and the toxicity of a lot of raw materials used in fragrances. The issue is pretty sensitive; however any chemical taken in large amounts would harm you. As a matter of fact, the doses of chemicals in colognes or p

Allergy Symptoms Caused by Swimming

While chlorine is used in pools to prevent the growth of bacteria and the spread of possible infections, it is also a highly toxic chemical that can trigger severe reactions. As a result, some people may experience allergy-like symptoms during or after a swim.

Food Allergies Facts

True food allergy affects about 2% of the population. It's important to distinguish an allergy from an intolerance to avoid unnecessary food restrictions.Read on to learn symptoms of food allergies.

Natural Asthma Cure - Asthma Homeopathic Treatment

With the numerous and latest natural remedies and alternative medicines for asthma conditions, there is always the so-called natural asthma cure. However, in reality, there is no real cure for asthma conditions.

‘Egg Therapy’ May Help Allergic Kids

Exposing children with egg allergies to egg in a carefully-controlled setting can dramatically reduce and even eliminate potentially life-threatening allergic reactions for some children, new federally funded research shows.

Living With Pet Dander Allergies

Do you have dander allergies? Do you also have a pet? With 70% of all US households having pets, chances are you may. Did you know that 10% of the population is allergic to animals?

Why You Get a Red Face When Drinking Alcohol

The reason for a red face when drinking is a condition commonly referred to as Asian flush or Alcohol allergy. Alcohol flush reaction, the more technical name, describes the body's inability to break down ingested alcohol completely. If you get any of the following symptoms it could mean a high

Asthma Attack And Treatment

What treatment to follow during an asthma attack? Besides conventional allopathic treatment, several alternative treatments have gained popularity due to their promising results.