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How to Make Easy Girls' Hair Bows

A hair bow adds a finishing touch a girl's outfit. She can wear the bow directly in her hair, on a headband or attached to a beanie cap. By making your daughter's hair bows yourself, you can customize them for outfits and events, as well as for her personal style. Small clip bows function well to sw

Benefits of a Facial Mask

Facial masks make the skin feel healthier and younger.clay face mask image by Steve Lovegrove from Fotolia.comFacial masks, whether commercial or homemade, are beneficial to the skin because they deliver nutrients quickly and efficiently. They come in many forms, from a creamy mask to...

How to Take Out Finger Waves

Finger waves, with their sleek, stylized look, were especially fashionable in the early-to-mid 20th Century, before electric hairstyling tools were available or affordable. The retro finger wave is literally created using your fingers to shape wet hair. The wave is held in place with lots of product

How to Apply Eye Makeup to Small Eyes

When applying makeup to small eyes, there are some special tips to include to avoid making eyes appear even smaller. Since the size of eyes will not change, using makeup to enhance them is a great solution. Some common mistakes will make small eyes look even smaller. Avoid makeup errors by learning

How to Make a Honey and Egg Facial Mask

Honey and egg make a moisturizing, nourishing and tightening facial mask. Add a few drops of essential oil and you've got a real treat in store. For oily skin, use just the egg white. For dry skin, just use the egg yolk. Use the whole egg on normal skin types. Here is an easy recipe for a honey/egg

Beauty and Fat

We always dreamt to get beautiful skin, shining hairs, healthy nails and blinking sparkling eyes but all these things completely depends on our diet. The food that we eat is of utmost importance to achieve desirable skin. As we know, less water causes blotchy, dull skin & acne so; we should consume

What Are the Causes of Split Nails?

Usually there is no underlying disease associated with split nails. Nails crack and split for several reasons but this condition can easily be rectified once you pinpoint the cause. You can make them tough as nails once more.

How to Cut Boys' Bangs to Look Emo

Emo began as an emotional and heartfelt style of punk rock, but has since graduated to a complete lifestyle. Emo's adherents eat, dress, and perceive the world differently than others. Depression, general disinterest in life, and empathy for the pain of others mark an emo person on the inside, but o

Video: What Type of Nail Design Should a Bride Have?

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Joi, licensed manicurist in New York, and today I'm going to answer the question what type of nail design should a bride have. So a couple of things I'm going to be using are just a polish here and I'm also going to be using a nail art brush, okay....

Ingredients of Bar Soap

Basic soaps are all made the same way--from fats and oils mixed with lye (sodium hydroxide). The type of fat or oil used determines how soft or hard the bar of soap is. The amount of lye controls how strong or alkaline the soap feels on your skin. Soap can also contain additives that...

How To Prevent Stretch Marks

Our outward appearance is very important to us.It determines our confidence, our moods, what we wear, and what we do.Stretch marks are permanent tears in the skin that make us feel self conscious about our appearance.If you know how to prevent stretch marks, you can keep your skin looking smooth and

Victoria Beckham in Trucker Hat and Jeans, 2003

Victoria Beckham has come a long way from her black leather, spiky-haired days as Posh Spice. Now, she's apt to be seen in polished, but always sexy, couture like Chanel. Her fabulous new blond bob is the must-have 'do of the year! See her fashion transformation in this photo gallery serie

How to Use Jojoba Oil on Your Face

Native to the American Southwest, American Indians and Mexicans have used Jojoba oil for centuries as a conditioning ingredient for cosmetic treatments and hair conditioning. Jojoba seeds contain unique oils that mimic the chemical composition of human skin oil, also known as sebum. Applying jojoba

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

Hair extensions are pieces of hair that add length, thickness or texture to a person's own natural hair. Over the years, hair extensions have grown in popularity because hair manufacturers have lowered their price, making them available to the average person. As a result, many people wear...

Hairstyles for Black People With Hair Gel

Gel can weigh down long woman image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comWhether you choose short hair, medium length hair, or long hair, you can utilize styling products to style your hair. Hair gel is a commonly used styling product for black men and women alike. It is best used for...