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Primary Caregiver Checklist

Providing a caregiver checklist can ensure that your family is taken care of.nurse chris image by John Keith from Fotolia.comHaving to find a caregiver for a loved one can be stressful. This stress can be minimized by having a clear-cut written plan for the caregiver that communicates...

Standards and Regulations in Nursing Scrubs

In the past, scrubs were mostly colored green, blue or white. They can come in almost any color these days. The designs of scrub suits are also very limited several years ago. At present, they are quite varied.

Dementia Care Homes! A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right One

How to get the right kind of care for our loved ones at the twilight of their lives is a question that many of us struggle with especially when they happen to be down with one of the old age conditions that are becoming rampant these days. One of such condition dementia needs a lot of care and choos

Home Remedies For Minor Burns

Suffering a burn injury, no matter how severe, is always a painful experience. Touching a hot pan, sticking your hand under scalding water, and brushing against a heated stove surface are all mindless actions that can result in throbbing skin injuries that hurt significantly. They don't, howeve

Healthy Hair Suggestions

Healthy hair starts at the roots. From the inside out, healthy food and plenty of water. Around 6 to 8 glasses a day, is better. For instance if you way 130 pounds, you should drink roughly 60 ounces of water a day. That does sound like a lot but keep in mind your body is made up of mostly water. Wh

Being a Home Caregiver - Taking a Parent In

If you are able to be a home caregiver, and accommodate your elderly parent into your home, it can be a very rewarding experience. But first you need to think long and hard about how this will affect you, as well as every member of your family.

How to Achieve Healthcare Cost Transparency

The Chicago Tribune recently reported that consumers are unhappy over the level of clarity around hospital bills. In fact, healthcare firms are not coming close to meeting consumer expectations on this issue. Another survey by Consumer Reports found more than half of respondents with surprise medica

Women's Heart Problems

Heart disease isn't just a man's disease. Heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular disease are devastating to women, too. According to a United States government website devoted to women's health, "Both men and women have heart attacks, but more women who have heart attacks die from them," bec

Military Culture Implications for Mental Health

Being well-versed in military cultural competence and the mental health implications of PTSD and TBI will allow nurses to better deliver patient-centered care to patients with military experiences.

Geriatric Care Managers - What You Can Expect

A Geriatric Care Manager is a professional who you can approach when it comes to knowledge and expertise in senior health care issues. They can also be referred to as case managers, elder care managers or service coordinators. Ideally, they have advanced degrees in fields like psychology, gerontolog

Important Factors on How to Treat Sinus Infection

How to avoid sinus infections can start with Allergy reactions,these also cause sinus symptoms including inflammation and swelling of the nasal passages and may shut the tiny openings from the nose to the sinuses. On and off inflammation of nasal passages from allergy reactions encourages mucous pro

The Ethics of Health Care Reform

There's a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of health care reform in the US. It seems that people who have decent insurance through their employers don't want to see change, because they're worried that their next health care plan won't be as good as their current plan.

Farewell To Hospital Expenses

In today's modern age, it is frightening to get sick not because of needles and horrifying medical procedures but because of huge expenses it will give us especially when your insurance has already done its share. How is that? A funny man would sometimes say that a needle is easier to endure th

Controlling Bed Bugs

These parasitic bugs have flattened, brownish bodies as adults, but as nymphs they are clear when unfed. After feeding on its host's blood, the body becomes red and elongated. They are sometimes mistaken for ticks, small cockroaches or even book lice. Cimex lectularius, or the common bed bug, i

Home Care Jobs that Others will do for you

Many dedicated men and women have decided to become home care specialists, in which they provide many home care services enabling the senior living with illness be it mental or physical or disabilitie

How CPT Terminology Can Ensure Accurate Coding And Increased Reimbursement

We as coders know all too well the importance of appropriate documentation for fair and appropriate payment for the services that are performed by the physicians. It is just as important, however, to use correct CPT terminology when listing those procedures at the top of an operative report.

Choosing the Right Nursing Home

Selecting a Home Care Facility entails more than just scanning directories and local advertising media.An accurate assessment of the living conditions of an assisted living facility requires a well contemplated and painstaking approach that goes beyondservices and amenities