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How is Diabetes Related to Heart Disease?

Interconnected and DeadlyHaving diabetes can already be an uphill battle for your body. The sad truth is that there is another, even deadlier disorder than can be directly linked to diabetes: heart disease. Two out of three people diagnosed with diabetes die from either heart disease or a...

A Nasal Spray Treatment For Diabetes

DDAVP nasal spray or by it's generic label, Desmopressin Acetate, is a drug with a diversity of uses. DDAVP is a artificial form of the natural hormone arginine vasopressin which is vital in the balance of blood and blood pressure, abdomen and intestinal movements, as well as the proper functio

Adult Diabetes Symptoms - 10 Simple Signs You Need to Be Aware Of

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that affect many adult Americans. Specifically, it accounts for about 90% of all diabetes cases; about 6% of the United States population. This condition can be life-threatening; therefore it is important to be aware of the adult diabetes symptoms.

Manage Your Diabetes

Manage your diabetes with this information. Diabetes affects a ton of people, so don't feel like you have to go alone.

If You Have Diabetes You Need to Take Care of Your Feet

One of the most common problems that diabetics suffer is how poor the condition of their feet is. Their feet seem to be more vulnerable to cuts and bruises than someone else without diabetes. This is caused by poor circulation in the feet and damaged nerves.

Diabetic Nephropathy and Kidneys

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of diabetic nephropathy and kidneys including medical references, news, pictures, videos, and more.

The Anti-Diabetic Medicine

Rosiglitazone belongs in the class of thiazolidinedione drugs. However, using this anti-diabetic drug requires doctor supervision as it may cause or worsen heart failure and increase the risk of developing heart-related problems in some patients.

Prescribed Foods for Diabetic Patients

A decoction prepared from the beans is an excellent remedy for diabetes. This decoction is prepared by boiling 60 grams of fresh kidney bean pods, after removing their seeds, in four liters of water on a slow fire for four hours.

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Most people have heard of diabetes at some time in their lives. Many people in the world live with it on a daily basis. There are three major types of Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Onset.

Diabetes: Numbers Tell The Truth

According to the 2007 National Diabetes Fact Sheet almost 24 million Americans (nearly 8% of the population) have diabetes.

Foods to Eat to Avoid Sickness

Many fruits and vegetables contain properties that boost the immune system.fruit and vegetables image by photo25th from Fotolia.comA healthy diet can help you build a stronger and healthier immune system. Eating a diet that is high in vitamins C and E may help increase the production of...

Stem Cell Treatment - The Cure For the Diabetes Epidemic

Not many people are aware that there is a Diabetes epidemic that is now impacting health care systems around the world.Even fewer people are aware that we have the solution to this epidemic- Adult Stem Cell therapy.

Who Gets Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that occurs when your body either becomes resistant to insulin or when it is not able to produce enough insulin. Type 2 diabetes causes blood sugar levels to become too high, which over time can damage your heart, kidneys or nerves. Anyone can develop diabetes, but certa