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How to Fold a Cravat Bandage

Cravat bandages are used in emergency medical situations. These triangular gauze wraps help to stabilize fractures and bone injuries, apply pressure to bleeding wounds and act as dressings for burns and lacerations. Because there are many uses for a cravat, there is no single way to fold one; there

Bladder Cancer Questions for a Doctor

Facing any type of disease can be a scary situation, especially if you don't know much about the disease. Bladder cancer occurs when cancer cells form on the tissues of the bladder. There are two main types of bladder cancer: superficial bladder cancer and invasive bladder cancer. Although the rate

CPR First Aid Instructor Training

Teaching lifesaving skills is an important job. Certified instructors all over the world ensure that students will know how to respond in the event of an emergency. The American Red Cross alone "teaches valuable lifesaving skills to nearly 12 million people, approximately 1 in 23 Americans" as noted

How to Make a Millwork Shop Fire Rated

Effective fire prevention techniques reduce the possibility of a fire emergency while eliminating fire hazards. In many workplace environments, the use of a standard fire rating aids in identifying hazards while generating prevention strategies. Millwork shops and lumber-related facilities present a

Hypertensive Ulcer

A 51-year-old man presented with a painful ulcer on his right lateral leg.

How to Treat Impacted Stools

Fecal impaction is a serious complication of constipation in which the stool hardens and can no longer be eliminated with normal bowel movements. Surgery may be required if aggressive measures are not taken to try and eliminate the stool.

Signs & Symptoms of Lead Poisoning in Children

Lead poisoning can occur years before symptoms begin to show. People who appear to be perfectly healthy can have high lead levels in their blood. The presence of lead can negatively affect many bodily functions, but primarily attacks the oxygen-carrying protein in the red blood and the nervous syste

How to Deal with a Delinquent Hospital Bill

Hospital bills are often very expensive and at times can be difficult to pay. If you're unsure how to proceed in dealing with a hospital regarding a medical bill, you're in luck. Below, you'll learn how to do just that.

How to Make Your Own Finger Splints

Splinting a finger is good for anything from a sprain to a break. The important thing is to keep the finger from moving, so getting a splint on it as soon as the injury happens will speed the healing process. The splint will also help keep stress off the finger so no more damage can be done to that

Design of the PRINCESS Trial

This study protocol describes the early initiation of therapeutic hypothermia with trans nasal evaporative cooling during CPR for cardiac arrest.

How to Handle a Chemical Stress Test

Most people are aware of the more traditional treadmill stress test, which is used to assess the condition of the heart muscle. Its purpose is to determine how well the heart will react under various levels of physical stress from standard walking to fast-paced uphill climbs. While the test is still

Evacuation Techniques

Evacuation requires immediate but careful help.a cry for help. image by bluefern from Fotolia.comVictim evacuation at times becomes necessary when a person is rendered immobile through injury or illness and must be moved to a safe location during any number of disaster situations. When...

Signs & Symptoms of Dehydration in a Child

Dehydration in children can happen for various reasons. Children can experience a loss of body fluid, which leads to the reduced ability for their body and organs to function, due to vomiting, diarrhea, illness and simply not drinking enough water. Recognizing dehydration in the early...