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The first federal regulation of the Food and Drug Act was passed in 1906. A gentleman by the name of Henry Wiley Washington was called upon for the passing of this act because of his expertise in his field.

Anise Hyssop For Licorice-Tasting Herbal Tea

Anise hyssop is a perennial herb that is a member of the mint family. It's grown for its anise-scented foliage and stunning spikes of purple flowers. Anise hyssop makes a delightful addition to herbal tea.

Gyokuro Cheesecake Recipe

This Gyokuro cheesecake makes an elegant dessert. Perfect for any occasion, and pretty easy to make.

How to Prepare Raw Goat's Milk

Raw goat's milk is an ideal choice for adults seeking an easy to digest substitute for cow's milk. Babies benefit from raw goat's milk; it has been shown to heal colic and constant vomiting. Goat's milk has shown to have a positive impact on treating asthma, eczema, migraines and stomach ulcers. The

How to Make Cooking for One a Joyful Challenge

For people whose passion is not the kitchen, cooking for one may be a very daunting thing, or an uninteresting challenge. If only they give a chance to make the most out of this challenge ...

Espresso Coffee And Other Coffee - What Is The Difference?

Many persons take a lot of time to understand that there is a huge difference between espresso machines and non espresso machines. Despite the fact that both the machines make coffee, the method of preparation of the drink and the taste of the final product are drastically different. Many persons eq

How To Tone Your Stomach For Ladies

Although ripped, chiselled and etched-in abs are desired mostly by men, most girls still want a firm, defined and toned stomach . Although it's generally less difficult for females to attain a toned stomach as ...

Best Chef Knives

Chef Knives Also known as French knives chefs knives are believed to be an evolved version of the common butcher knife. Meant for food preparation, it is quite the handyman when it comes to the ...

Vanilla Bean Uses

Vanilla is a spice that can be used for both sweet and savory cooking. In its natural form, it is a green pod, or bean, of the vanilla orchid and is cured and dried to maximize flavor, becoming the long, thin brown pod we are familiar with. The real flavor is stored inside the pod in the form of tin

Choosing the Right Tomato Slicer Saves Time and Money

Anyone who has hand sliced a tomato knows that is can often be a messy job. If you don't have a razor sharp knife, the skin can be hard to cut through, and a tomato bruises easily. If you have a lot to cut up at one time, this can be a long process and it seems no matter how hard you try you ca

Wine and Celebration Have Gone Together For Thousands of Years

Other than me, have others wondered how wine became such an integral part of celebrations and recognition of friendships? I have found that wine has been a part of cultures for 10,000 years, but who's counting? Wine has been with kings and commoners and their festivities for a long time.

Video: Recipe for Pear Brie

Video Transcript Hello, and welcome I'm Chef Peter, a professional trained chef. Today, I will show you how to make a dish with pears and Brie. First what we're going to start off is using our two pears, with the skin on, and cutting lengthwise in half. Then we take the middle part...

Are Unrefrigerated Eggs Safe?

When you shop in the grocery store, the most likely place to find eggs is in the refrigerated dairy aisle along with the other perishables. Storing eggs in this area is not an act of trickery on the part of the food store or a sinister plot to lure you to the milk and cheese. Unrefrigerated eggs are

History of the Vending Machine

€Vending€ or €vend€ originated from the Latin word €vendere€, which means €to sell€. By definition, a vending machine is an electronic technological advancement that dispenses various goods and products purchased by coins, paper money or ...

Secret Brewing And Coffee Recipes

Coffee has become an integral part of your daily routine. You may find yourself consuming two or three cups of coffee everyday. However, most of these coffee blends taste the same, until you try out Gevalia coffee blends.

Happy Snowy New Year

Well what a shambolic start to the year! It has not really been the weather for running a distribution business. It is the first week back after what seemed a very short break, and all ...

Two Seasonings Every Cook Should Have

There are hundred of different seasonings that you can use for any number of different dishes, but what are the seasonings that you absolutely have to have on hand? That's what most cooks want to know. Whether you're a new cook setting up a kitchen for the first time or an experienced cook

5 Wines Fit for Any Party Including the New Years Eve Party

With the end of the year almost upon us there are a lot of people that will be having New Years Eve parties on the 31st of December. If you are one of the people having a get together to mark the end of the year, and the beginning of the New Year, or any party for that matter, Here are some ideas on

Tea Tips - Making White Tea

What is white tea and what is the best way to brew it? This article will walk you through how to quickly and easily brew great white tea.