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Purchasing Health Insurance Coverage - The Agent's Role

If you are in need of health insurance, you will have several options available to you. By researching different plans with different companies you can ultimately narrow down your choices and purchase the most suitable plan for you and/or your family. While some choose to go it alone and purchase co

Private Health Insurance and How It Works

Many people do not understand how private health insurance works, even those who have had their medical plans for years. Understand various types of health insurance plans, legal mandates, and what to do if you have been declined for health insurance.

What Is a Fully-Funded Retirement Plan?

If you have a fully-funded pension plan, you are in relatively safe hands. That means your pension plan has a sufficient amount of assets required to provide all benefits accrued in the plan. A fully-funded pension plan must be able to make all expected payments to you. This type of plan is most com

Keeping the Cost of Health Insurance Down

Many people are interested in the benefits that private medical insurance can bring but they're worried about the costs. However, health insurance may be more affordable than you think and there are steps you can take to keep the costs down.

How The Healthcare Bill Will Affect Small Businesses

Debate about the new Health Care Bill once dominated the airwaves and Internet. However, discussion has gone dormant. Better known as "Obamacare," the legislation has been tweaked since its passage. Those changes had no impact on most cost increases. So, a question remains unanswered. How

Health Care and Prevention

Given the current state of things in the United States, the economy is heading towards a depression. That being said the number one issue concerning most Americans at this point is the issue surrounding health care and the rising cost to have it.

The Advantages of Long-Term Care Insurance

Purchasing a long-term care (LTC) insurance plan provides several benefits for the policy owner and insured individuals. These plans pay for services and activities to take care of elderly and disabled individuals that are not covered by regular health insurance policies. Premium payers and insured

What You Need To Know About Health Insurance

Having a reliable health insurance coverage contributes a great deal towards a person's sense of security. As an individual, you are aware that you should take care of your health so you employ ways and make an effort to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Health Insurance Plan

Lots of consumers find it difficult when they face a need that reads-buying health insurance. If their employers are not offering group health insurance, they are left with a choice to either remain uninsured or buy it privately.

Provider Enrollment, The Process

An overview of the healthcare provider enrollment process from introduction through credentialing and contracting. How a physician or other healthcare professional joins an insurance company's network.

Choose Your Health Insurance! - When?

Making a wise decision on which Health Insurance Policy to buy may seem like a confusing task, but if you consider just these five most important items you and your agent will both find that you are a Savvy Buyer! These items are your KEYS to picking a policy that's right for you:

Dealing With COBRA Health Insurance After the Healthcare Reform

It's a great source of interest to anyone who has recently been laid off, or expects to be soon one day - will the new health-care reform help you, or work against you? The mandatory COBRA health insurance program - will there be any changes? How much will it cost and how long can you have it?

How to Look for Major Medical Insurance

Major medical insurance enables a family to be covered if a family member ever needs to go to the doctor or has a health emergency. Those who have medical insurance through their jobs are fortunate. However, many people, including the unemployed, need to know how to obtain medical insurance. Knowing

Health Cash Plan

A health cash plan can be ideal for some. However, the plans require more management than other health plans. Here we'll discuss the pros and cons.

Medicare Advantage, Big Bang for the Buck or Penny Wise and Pound Foolish?

Medicare Advantage plans can appear very appealing, especially $0 premium plans. For the healthy individual who rarely sees a doctor, the perceived saving is hard to turn away from. The marketing is also very clever and creates the illusion that by choosing one, you can rest assured, they will take

Will Insurance Cover Bariatric Surgery?

Many people opt for surgical procedures to remedy some of their health problems. One of the most popular of the surgeries performed perhaps would be Bariatric surgery. This kind of surgical treatment is aimed at morbid obesity.