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What's So Fattening About Fat Anyway?

Americans are clearly obsessed with low-fat and fat-free foods. A walk down the aisle of any grocery store will confirm this obsession. There have never been so many options. You can't get away from all the supposedly guilt-free foods: fat-free ice cream, hot dogs, salad dressing, cream cheese;

The positive weight loss attitude

Once you've decided to lose weight, you should consider it as a commitment. Losing weight and starting a healthy lifestyle is not easy especially if you've developed bad eating habits and lifestyle. There is much ...

Fastest Way to Lose Weight on a Treadmill

If you have a special occasion coming up or any other reason for wanting to lose weight quickly, so that you can look your best, it can be done by changing your diet and participating in daily exercise at home on your treadmill. According to Dr. Michael Dansinger, who works with contestants on NBC's

Best Exercise to Lose Weight Fast

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How to Get Rid of Arm Fat With Barbell Curls

Discovering how to get rid of arm fat with the absolute best exercises can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Seriously. I learned this the hard way.

Weight Loss - Finding The Ideal Plan For You

Finding a good and reliable system for you to follow is not an easy one, but a beginning to a new and exciting lifestyle that will certainly empower you and have a new understanding that it will take

Use Intermittent Fasting To Consistently Lose Weight

Are you having problems with losing weight? You don't have much time in order to plan your meals to eat healthier foods or you don't like exercising or playing sports every day? Then try out ...

Blackstone Diet

The allure of weight loss programs and nutritional supplements costs hopeful dieters $43.6 billion annually, according to Blackstone Nutrition, an online company based out of Orem, Utah, offers products that promise weight loss customized to men's or women's specific dietary needs. Wit

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss - 3 Simple Tips

Post pregnancy weight loss isn't as difficult as you might think - even if you're finding it hard to shed those pregnancy pounds. Here are 3 essential tips to get you started.

What Do I Need to Do to Lose Weight?

This is a popular phrase that people tend to search for on the net when they are trying to lose weight. The answer may seem complex for you, but it is fairly simple.

Weight Loss For Good and the Bodybuilder

There are so many methods out there trying to help us lose weight and give us the perfect body, one can hardly imagine yet another best weight loss program. You would think they had all been tried, but the 'weight loss for good' industry is just that, a huge industry. No wonder, then, when

Seven Weight Loss Motivation Tips

As you pass your way and look up and see gigantic billboards asking you to participate in your weight lose programs, as you scan the daily news papers you find dozens of ads on how to be smart and loo

Can You Be Grossly Overweight and Still Be Happy?

Sure you can. If you have a good personality, still have reasonable health and are still young. If you are older that is when it gets more difficult. Older people that suffer from obesity start to get all the complications of being overweight, high blood pressure because the heart has to pump blood

Fat Loss For Idiots

Wouldn't it be great if there were shortcuts when it comes to losing weight? Well, I'm hear to tell you that there are indeed shortcut techniques for fat loss and they don't involve surgery or ...

How To Lose Weight With Appetite Suppressants

For most people, obesity, being overweight or any excess weight, for that matter, is caused by lack of control when eating. These are people who just don't know when they should stop taking in food, and those who tend to eat a lot when hungry. If these descriptions suit you, then you can easily

How Reliable Is BMI?

The body mass index (BMI) of an elite athlete can be so high as to classify him as obese because of his muscle mass, according to eMedTV. Calculating your BMI can provide a good indication of overall health, but does not replace testing for your specific body type.

The Best Tips For Diet Plans to Successfully Lose Weight With

To be able to lose weight and get healthy, you have to use a diet plan that you will stay on. Here are some little habits that you might consider changing. The key is, you are breaking a bad habit and instilling a good habit in its place. Your diet plan is not a crash diet that you will give up afte

Help Me Not Commit Suicide With Food

300 million people worldwide are obese.This article explains why it is so easy to overlook overeating as a primary way people commit suicide with food.

Eating Healthy To Lose Weight Is The Road To Long Term Body Improvement

Every year more and more bears wander down from the wild into cities and towns in search of food; far too often these animals cannot be successfully returned to the wild and must be euthanized. What does this unfortunate situation have to do with eating healthy to lose weight? Far more than you migh