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How to Locate an Egg Donation Center

Donating eggs is the process in which a woman gives one or several of her eggs to help another woman conceive or for medical research. Since many couples face infertility issues, donating eggs will greatly assist their reproductive ability and/or future couples who face the same issue. Whether you'r

Tests for Predicting Baby Gender

Once pregnancy is attained, genetic testing (CVS (chronionic villus sampling) and amniocentesis) and ultrasound scans are the only medical tests that will be conducted for the way to estimate baby gender. CVS (chronionic villus sampling) ...


Last Sunday, I attended a school reunion lunch. I was thrilled to meet my old buddies and especially my friend Shonella, who used to be a supermodel back then. But now she looked completely changed. ...

Holistic Fertility Treatments And Their Approach

In contrast to more traditional treatment options, a holistic approach consists of treating the person as a whole. Regardless of the ailment, whether it primarily affects the mind, body, or soul, the holistic treatment approach consistently involves considering all of the aforementioned components.

Inducing Labour - What Are the Risks?

In every instance that medical intervention is utilized for inducing labour there is a need of monitoring the heart rate of the pregnant woman and of the baby. Hospitalization is needed sometimes. In different cases you might be faced with long periods of time before inducing labour techniques work.

Pregnancy Checklist During Your Pregnancy

You are pregnant. And you are thrilled, a little apprehensive, but most of all very eager to do everything right for the wellbeing of your precious baby during your pregnancy.

Prepare Yourself Now for a Healthy Pregnancy

uring a baby's first trimester in the womb all her essential organs are being formed. By the start of the second trimester most if these are functioning. So these early weeks are a crucial time ...

Should I Include Pork in the Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy?

We all know that there are certain foods to avoid during pregnancy; raw fish, alcohol and cold cuts are often listed among them. Pork, however, has a long history of problems, and it is no surprise that pregnant women look askance at it as well.

Belly Bands for Pregnancy - The Pre-Maternity Belly Band

The most common problem is that these pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit. If you have a favourite jean, skirt or a dress that is already uncomfortable to use because you are conceiving, belly bands for pregnancy is the right one for you.

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Being healthy during pregnancy is a must. Because it is of top priority to keep healthy and fit throughout the course of pregnancy, most mothers indulge in exercise during pregnancy.

Sure Signs of Infertility

Infertility, many people say, is widespread in this day and age. Many people are suffering from it - and the sad thing about it is that many of them may not realize it until they try to have children and fail. It's no wonder then that it takes many of its sufferers by surprise, and infertility

Get Rid of Old Baggage to Enjoy Your Hypnobirthing More

What makes one woman have a fantastic HypnoBirthing and another have a traumatic experience? Well this really is the same as asking, "How long is a piece of string?" but there are some very important elements that must not be overlooked.

Does Maternity Acupressure Work?

Maternity acupressure has been used for thousands of years and is effective in inducing labor, reducing labor pain and many other benefits. This article will answer all the basic questions asked by ex

The Enemies of a Healthful Pregnancy

Motherhood makes your body a lot more susceptible to every thing that damages it, to every little thing that can trigger extreme ailments or even miscarriage. That's why, you'll need to have to steer clear ...

The Miracle of Birth

I had heard about the miracle of birth, but until recently I had not really experienced it from an observer's perspective. I don't remember my own birth - but I sure heard about it from ...

Hypnosis For Childbirth

If you mention the words "hypnosis for childbirth" in mixed company, most people would look at you askance, like you were off your rocker. Unfortunately, hypnosis is a very misunderstood mental state but when used in a therapeutic manner, it has very calming effects.

Nutrients Associated With Birth Defects

Amino acids are needed by the mother during pregnancy. Amino acids that are needed such as methionine, choline and betain. Decrease the risk of spina bifida and anensefali that affect pregnancy was found in women who consume choline.