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How to Solve Exponential Equations With LN

Equations with regular linear operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, can be solved using simple algebra. When it comes to exponential equations that involve Euler's number, denoted by the letter e, you must take the natural log of the term with the exponent. This is

Ideas for Carving Tree Stumps

Tree stump carvings are typically of animals.Jason Todd/Photodisc/Getty ImagesIn the past, tree stumps were carved into the shape of various animals. North American animals, such as bears and raccoons have been some of the more commonly used models for carving tree stumps. These large...

How to Change KWH to Amps

Electricity used in a home is typically measured in kilowatt hours (KWH). While they represent the total amount of energy used, you may want to know how much electrical current flowed through the home's electrical wires. Because a kilowatt hour is a unit of energy and an ampere (amp) is a unit of cu

How to Convert Art Embroidery Files

Though a number of more modern embroidery machines do have the power to convert designs, the majority of older machines do not. To retain your ability to utilize these older designs, you may want to invest in embroidery software, to convert designs of an older nature into new files.

How to Build Western Store Saloon Facades

Building a wooden facade can be an ideal project when you're building a play set or if you're decorating a haunted house. You can make a western saloon front facade with a basic sheet of plywood, which you cut and decorate to look like something from the Wild West. Some embellishments like tumblewee

Solid Structure of Crystals

Matter can exist in three different states--as solids, liquids, and as gases. Gases, like air and helium, are very lightweight, and their molecules are not bonded to each other. They tend to have a lot of energy and move about freely. They are also very diffuse. Liquids are denser. Like water, all l

Instructions for a Dynam 6-CH RC Helicopter Airplane Flight Simulator

The Dynam 6-CH RC Helicopter Airplane Flight Simulator plugs into a PC's USB port to use in conjunction with a RC flight simulator program. The six channel controller is set up for aileron/rudder/elevator/throttle control for airplanes and tail/nick/roll/pitch control for helicopters. The additional

How to Make a Camp Stove From Soda Cans & Heat

Campers generally don't have a lot of space for equipment. That is one reason building your own compact stove is a great advantage. By using a common item such as soda cans, you can gain the added bonus of saving money. You can easily make several of these stoves to use whenever you might need to co

Buying Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are versatile medical tools. They are used in doctor's offices and hospitals on a daily basis, and are very practical in helping to eliminate germ transmittal. Surgical masks come in a variety of designs and styles, but all serve the same purpose of filtering contaminants from the air

How to Calculate Miller Indices

A Miller index is a mathematical notation system that is often used to calculate planes in lattices of crystalline structures. A crystal is a solid that is made up of atoms in a periodic pattern. Miller indexes describe planes relative to a lattice in relative terms, but not absolute terms. Because

Decorating Toasting Flutes

A toast, whether done at a wedding, holiday or party, is made instantly more memorable when your glasses are dressed up. Decorating toasting flutes also makes them mementos of the occasion so you’ll be able to reflect on it each time you spot the flutes in your cupboard. With a little care 

What Can I Do at Home to Jump Higher?

Whether you're a basketball player looking to jump higher or someone who just enjoys jumping as a hobby, there are different activities and exercises you can do that will add height to your jump. While you could invest in one of the many guides that claim to help improve your jump (like The Jump Man

How to Present the Results From a Chi-Square Analysis

Chi-squared analysis is used to analyze the distribution of nominal variables, and to determine whether two nominal variables are related to each other beyond what would be expected by chance. Nominal variables are those that have no sensible order, such as who you voted for in the last election and

What Are Redshifts?

The term "redshift" refers to a state in which light waves emanating from astronomical bodies moving away from Earth, especially galaxies, lengthen into the red end of the light spectrum. This shift, which is also a form of the Doppler Effect, indicates objects moving away from one another. Consequ

The Best Hummingbird Plants

Choosing the right plants can attract hummingbirds to your garden.hummingbird image by cherie from Fotolia.comHummingbirds eat insects and drink nectar, and through appropriate planting you can bring them to your garden. There is a wide variety of flowers and plants that will draw...

How to Cut a Cow Track

Unsuitable or badly drained cattle tracks are one of the chief causes of lameness in cattle. If cattle are repeatedly walking across loose ground, with sharp stones and other impediments, this will damage their hooves, causing lesions. Instead, a cattle track should be made of stone flags, which are

How Do Watch Winders Work?

It's All In The SpringA watch winder in a mechanical watch serves to wind up a spring. Springs are a natural way of storing energy and then releasing it to perform various jobs, a sort of early mechanical battery. When you wind a watch, you are putting the energy it takes to turn the...

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars

"Energy independence" is the new political and social buzzword, and people are always looking for ways they can cut their consumption of foreign oil. One of the most widely available, and hyped, solutions has been to invest in hybrid technology for cars and trucks. Knowing the positives and negative

List of Endangered Animals in Zimbabwe

The African elephant is endangered in Zimbabwe.African Elephant image by Chaiyasit Jarachada from Fotolia.comZimbabwe, formerly southern Rhodesia, is home to a number of interesting animals. Unfortunately, many of these creatures are threatened or endangered in their natural habitat....