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How to Insulate a Cold Room

If one room of your house seems to be chillier than the rest, it is most likely an insulation issue. There may be leaks and cracks in the walls, floors, windows or near doors that need to be plugged. To insulate a cold room, start by diagnosing how the air from inside is getting in, then taking a tr

Wood Floor Refinishing Equipment

Refinishing your hardwood floors saves money over installing new floors if they only have surface wear or minor imperfections. You'll need a number of types of equipment for a proper refinishing job. Some equipment is inexpensive enough to purchase for a single project, while other pieces should be

An Explanation of the Different Kitchen Counter Tops Available

Your kitchen counter will serve your family for years to come.Modern elegant kitchen image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comKitchen countertops come in a variety of materials, each with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Whether you choose wood, stone, marble, metal, plastic, tile, or...

How to Lay Slate Floor on Uneven Concrete

Sometimes working with inconsistencies of a floor is a given when you are installing any type of tile. Slate is an uneven stone in its own right, which actually works to your advantage when the time comes to install the natural stone on an uneven surface. While a man-made tile would have a harder ti

How High Should an Electrical Box Be From a Bathroom Sink

Electrical outlets in bathrooms are very convenient, but they can also present a hazard. A standard outlet placed close to a sink can create a shock hazard. One way the electrical industry has created to reduce this risk is with a GFCI outlet. GFCI is an acronym for ground fault circuit interrupter.

How to Install a Drop Cam

many think of security cameras as high-tech surveillance equipment only found in office buildings. However, there are modern home security cameras, such as the Dropcam, which functions much like a webcam and can be installed in your home. Once set up, you can access Dropcam from your phone or comput

Types of House Ridge Vents

Homeowners can choose from a variety of roof venting systems, depending on individual needs and home design. House ridge vent systems provide one of the most effective methods of nonmechanical air circulation available today. These vents can be incorporated in new home plans or added to existing str

Pella Sliding Glass Door Handle Installation

Pella sliding glass door handles rest flush with the inside and outside of the door frame. Each side has a built in recess that allows you to grip the handle to open the door. The door handle has a lock built into it that allows you to lock the door against the framing for the door. Installing a Pel

A Leak in a Basement Ceiling

Excess moisture is a common problem in many homes, especially in damp areas like the basement. If your basement has excess moisture, you may find yourself with a variety of problems, ranging from mold to structural damage. Water leaks are a common cause of water damage inside homes. If your basement

DIY: Laying Bathroom Tile

Ceramic tile is among the oldest types of floor coverings for bathrooms, and is still among the most popular. It's waterproof, strong enough to hold up to the frequent foot traffic in a bathroom, and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Tiling the bathroom floor is the same process as a reg

How to Hide a Breaker Panel in a Finished Basement

Breaker panels provide vital access to elements that control the electricity in your home. Having access to these breakers is important, but the typical gray metal from which the access door is made is not often attractive. If you have a finished basement, concealing the breaker panel leads to a spa

Proper Care of Terrazzo Marble Flooring

Terrazzo floors are created when a fresh layer of cement is laid over a concrete base and marble chips are spread over the wet cement. After the surface has dried thoroughly, floor grinders with diamond blades are used to cut and polish the floor to a shiny, durable finish. Terrazzo floors are tough

House Exterior Ideas

The exterior of a house is the calling card of your home, overall. It is the first thing people see and sets the tone for how they may view the rest of your home. From landscaping to patios, there are numerous ideas you can set into motion to enhance the exterior of your house. Home...

How to Use Resin Tint

Use epoxy resins to repair and protect many household areas, such as fiberglass showers, concrete driveways and wooden door frames. Change the color of the resin with concentrated tint so it will blend in with the item on which it's applied.

How to Install Hardwood Flooring Over a Concrete Basement Floor

You can install hardwood flooring directly over concrete either by using the glue-down method or by fitting a floating floor. However, basements are sometimes subjected to water seepage as time goes by. Consequently, when applied to a suitably dry surface, a layer of mature glue on top of vapor barr

How to Build With River Stones

River stones are widely available and vary in size and color significantly enough to have a large number of building uses in your home or garden. Smaller, colorful stones of about an inch in size are perfect for use as a natural stone backsplash, protecting your walls from kitchen mishaps. Smaller p

How to Build a Steel Lathe Stand

Steel lathes are used to turn, or cut round stock of various metals into various cylindrical shapes. They are often heavier than wood lathes, and use a higher amount of torque. The stands used for steel lathes must be durable to prevent shaking or potential injury. Construction lumber is an adequate

How to Keep a Home Cool With Window Coverings

Keeping your home cool can be a challenge, especially during the summer when increased use of air conditioning and fans drives up your energy bill. In addition to the discomfort of hot weather, frequent exposure to sunlight will cause carpeting, furnishings and interior wall finishes to fade. Window

How to Polish With Floor Pads

Many floors are sealed with polyurethane or another hard, synthetic material. These types of seals are used because they are durable, watertight and do not yellow. Over time, the floor will become scuffed and scratched. It is possible to return a sealed floor to its original polish with a floor buff

How to Replace a Home Entry Door

Home entry doors go through an abundance of everyday wear and tear. Many reasons exist for wanting to replace a home's entry door. You may be tired of the old style and want to update the exterior of the home, or need to replace a damaged entry door. No matter what the reason for replacement, removi