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How to Replace a Frigidaire Glass Oven Door

The glass in the door of your Frigidaire oven allows you to safely monitor your cooking without opening the door and releasing heat. If the glass or the door frame is damaged you might need to replace the door. Damage often occurs due to thermal shock or if the door is allowed to slam shut. Hanging

Homemade Car Rust Remover

Rust appears on a car as a result of metal mixing with moisture and oxygen. A dent to the car can result in rust if the paint is removed. While there are many commercial rust removers on the market that are effective, they are also toxic. There are safer options for removing small rust stains on the

How to Get Latex Paint Stains Out

Latex paint is a household paint that is water-based. It is made up of poly-vinyl material and acrylic resin. Accidents happen when it comes to paint. Latex paint may seem like a real nightmare when it stains things such as carpeting or clothing. This situation can seem like a lost cause but do not

The Removal of Iron & Sulfur

Iron and sulfur are natural materials abundant in most well water systems. Sulfur is a yellowish chemical element that is found in many compounds and is an abundant non-metal. Iron is a reddish-brown metal also found in many compounds and is abundant in land and other places. The presence of these t

How to Clean & Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors are beautiful and traditional. They have been used in homes for hundreds of years. Floors installed or refinished today are coated with several layers of water-based or polyurethane-based sealant. This protective layer keeps moisture away from the floor and minimizes scratching.

Interior Mold Treatment

Mold. Nobody wants it, but sometimes it seems to sneak in uninvited. It can ruin fabrics and wood. It can cause allergic reactions. It can cause bad smells in the home. Follow these simple instructions to send it on its way.

How to Get the Inside of a Shoe to Smell Better

There's no nice way to say it: Your shoes stink. Cleaning them in the washer with laundry detergent and bleach did nothing to remove the smell either. If you're wearing the shoes on a daily basis, alternate with another pair to cut down on the amount of sweat accumulating inside the shoes and to giv

How to Clean Greenhouse Glass

Greenhouses concentrate both heat and sunshine to maximize plant growth and harvest. The clear windows both let in sunshine and insulate the greenhouse. Windows come in both glass and polycarbonate (clear, hard thermoplastic). Both can be cleaned with water and mild disinfectants.Cleanin

How to Remove Smoke Stains From Plastic

Smoke has a degrading effect on plastic as it mars the look by leaving a yellow stain on the surface. Removing smoke stains from plastic requires following a procedure thoroughly and repeating the process until the stain has been removed as much as possible, if not altogether. There is no guarantee

How to Clean Mold From Flooding

A flood drastically changes your life. Not only do you have to contend with the water damage, but you also must deal with the possibility of mold and mildew invading your home. Mold is potentially harmful and can severely aggravate those suffering from asthma and other breathing problems. Begin clea

How Do I Get Off Burnt Noodles That Are Stuck in a Pan?

Kids scream, cell phones ring, guest arrive early and suddenly the Thai noodle dinner you worked so hard on goes from perfect to burnt. Noodles don’t turn to charcoal like other foods. When noodles burn, they become a sticky, mushy mess. Skip trying to scrape the burnt mess at the bottom of th

How to Treat Indoor Wooden Vigas

A viga is an ornamental support beam influenced by adobe-style construction. Though it appears to serve as a rafter beneath the ceiling in a home, it is not necessarily functional. Vigas are typically constructed of spruce or pine wood that has been peeled, giving them a naturally washed appearance.

How to Remove Surface Rust From Metal

Rust is not a friend to metal. It starts with surface rust, but eventually, the rust will work itself down through the metal until it has eaten all the way through. It is important to catch rust before it can do serious damage to the metal. When the damage is in the surface stage, sanding is usually

How to Recondition Brass Door Hardware

Real brass hardware, like other solid metal pieces, can be reconditioned and polished to look like new at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new hardware. By using cleaners and then scrubbing the metal with abrasives, you can bring back the shine of your brass door hardware. Keep the shine by seal

How to Care for Your Becker BK2 Companion Knife

The Becker BK2 companion knife is a high-quality, durable and affordable choice in the survival knives market. The knife comes with a strong, tang-blade made out of high-carbon steel; users frequently cut wood without damaging the knife. The BK2 has a thick, easy-to-grab handle.

How to Remove Fabric Bleeding Stains From Clothing

Unfortunately, some articles of new clothing do not receive proper dye setting and may bleed onto your skin or other clothing. Bleeding dyes can ruin the bleeding garment as well as other garments washed in the same load of laundry. Some bleeding stains require professional dry-cleaning services for

How to Clean Rust Spots on Metal

Rust is a fact of life, especially in damp, wet areas. While rust develops slowly, you may notice it overnight. If suddenly that patio chair, cast iron pan or car is too rusted, you can take action against the rust. Rust removal is physically demanding, especially if your metal object has a severe c

How Do I Clean a George Foreman Grill?

George Foreman grills come in a variety of sizes, but you can clean all of them in the same way because each model contains removable cooking plates and drip trays. While the grills have specific instructions for cleaning from the manufacturer, a do-it-yourself method also exists that will allow you

How to Clean Plastic After Smoke Damage

Cleaning up after small or large house fires can be tedious and time consuming. But when you have the proper materials, you can remove the soot and stains on plastic furniture, counter tops and other plastic items in your home so they look like new. Instead of purchasing new items, try cleaning them