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How to Raise Bromeliads

Belonging to the botanical genus Bromeliaceae, bromeliads are tropical plants with attractive foliage, vivid bloom colors and breath-taking formations. Originating from Central and South America, the family includes plants as diverse as the pineapple and moss. Because most bromeliads produce long-la

WINDOWS: Eyes of the House

While it is commonly quoted that "the eyes are the windows to the soul," in speaking of houses or apartments, one may safely say that they are the eyes of a home's interior. In looking in from the outside, we glimpse a living microcosm. From the inside out, we see the reverse. From sm

Redesigning Your Living Room

If the first room your guests usually see starts looking dull and uninteresting, it's about time you give your living room a makeover. Read on to find helpful tips on how to redesign it without having to spend a lot.

Vinyl Windows - Why Use Them?

If you're looking for replacement windows this article offers a few very compelling reasons to purchase vinyl windows. For more information please read the following paragraphs.

Wall Sculpture to Suit Any Decor

Decorating your home or office can be so much fun. Each person can get involved depending on their level of skill and expertise. There is one job that everyone can get involved in and that is selecting a wall sculpture to tie the room together.

About Parting Agents for Casting Concrete

Release or parting agents for concrete are chemicals that combine with concrete. These chemical compounds allow you to easily remove hardened concrete from a casting mold. By using parting agents, you can reduce the number of imperfections, otherwise called bugholes. If a finished concrete product

When Should You Replace Your Electric Boiler?

Your boiler will need to be replaced sooner or later. So many households across the UK fail to do this. They will use the same boiler for decades before they are forced to replace it ...

Get Your Home Improvement Tips - Finding a Home Painting Contractor

So you want create a new look for your home and you are looking for a contractor to come out and give an estimate?If you are interested in seeking out a contractor, there are some key things you may want to consider prior to hiring on a specific contractor.

Make Shabby Chic Work For You In The Living Area

Have you glanced at your living room area? Do you like it? If not and you are seeking for a fashion you like, then shabby chic could be just the thing. Here are a few things about shabby chic that you should know about.

Wall Fountains To Add Glory To Your Garden

There is a misconception among people that wall fountains can be only installed in office receptions and home interiors. The fact is that there are wall fountains that are designed specifically for use in Gardens.

Having Fun With FengShui Designing Colors

Environments have significant impacts on a person's well-being and behavior. Research suggests that we spend 90% of our day indoors, either in our homes or at our workplace and thus the room design, structure and ...

How to Sew a Button on a Throw Pillow

Sew a button to the center of a plain throw pillow to transform it into a decorative tufted pillow. Use a rhinestone button to add a bit of glamour to a round satin pillow. Cover a button with matching upholstery fabric to make a tufted pillow with a tailored look, or use a button covered with contr

How to Wash a Water-Resistant Mattress Pad

A water-resistant mattress pad (sometimes labeled as "waterproof") is a protective pad that covers the mattress. While regular pads protect mattresses from tears and scuffs, a regular pad may not protect against spills or liquids such as pet urine. A water-resistant mattress reduces the risk that li

Decorating Ideas for a Gray & Silver Bedroom

Bedrooms are often one of the most serene rooms of the home. These spaces are usually used for relaxing and retreating from the everyday stresses of life, which makes them a good candidate for color palettes that incorporate gray and silver neutrals. Creating a gray bedroom decor gives the entire de

Homemade Decorations for the Home

Are you ready to spice up your living space but don't have a big budget? With imagination and some inexpensive or even free materials, you can create your own homemade decor and turn your home into a work of art.

Curtain Tieback Instructions

Almost every home contains curtains as part of window treatments. Curtains add a finished look to a room, often complementing colors or patterns present in other pieces. They offer privacy in the evening, blocking the windows while still looking attractive. To pull them back during the day, tiebacks

Ideas for Screening-in Decks

Screen mesh, made of loosely woven wires or metals, is used for windows and doors. Using screens for an enclosed deck or porch keeps out unwanted debris, can provide some coolness and keeps out insects and other creatures. When picking ideas for screening-in decks, start with a vision for your enclo