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Pool Skimmer Troubleshooting

Pool skimmers, also known as scuppers, are standard equipment used with most types of pools. They are designed to catch debris in the pool before it sinks to the bottom, therefore saving time and effort in cleaning. There are some universal troubleshooting techniques to help when problems arise with

Proper Chemicals to Add When the Pool Has Algae

Algae growth in pools is common if the pH is not kept in check, if the pool is not cleaned properly, or after heavy rainfall. There are many common effects of this algae: green water, murkiness, foul smell and, if one has accidentally tried it, a bad taste as well. There are certain chemicals you ca

How to Remove White Scale From a Pool Liner

Scale most commonly appears at the waterline and around the mouth of the pool filter. It appears in a variety of unpleasant colors, depending on the mineral content, from chalky white to yellow, brown and even black. Scale is made up of minerals and other debris, so light acids like those found in v

Buying The Right Pool Enclosures

There are so many options for people shopping for ideal pool enclosures. This has not made it easy for the people who are faced with the need to purchase the equipment. It is very easy for a person to find suppliers over the Internet. But, the main question is whether or not they have what it takes

Water Features for a Backyard

Not all water features take up a lot of space.giant water feature image by Tom Curtis from Fotolia.comSmall water features in a backyard will look effective and enhance the area if they are not too big and overbearing. A water feature does not have to be free standing or require mains...

How to Remove the Charcoal Filter in a Space Saver Microwave

GE Spacemaker microwave ovens are over-the-stove models, which include a hood vent on the underside of the appliance. The hood vent has a fan that removes smoke and odors produced by the stove from the kitchen. The hood can be vented from the house, or the air can be recirculated back into the kitch

Why You Should Use Pool Blankets

Many of the drawbacks associated with owning a pool - like high energy bills and the trouble of keeping them clean - can be eliminated by using pool blankets. If you own a pool or are thinking about it, make sure that you keep these products in mind in order to make owning a pool as easy as possible

Is a Swim Spa Pool a Good Choice for You?

You love swimming, but you cannot have a swimming pool built on your property. Then you can consider a swim spa pool. These spas have been around for quite some time, but currently they enjoy a great increase in popularity due to the decreasing ownership costs. Find out more about this type of facil

How to Clean a Mechanical Filter Box for a Pond

A mechanical water filter is an important part of any pond because it maintains water quality while breaking down bacteria that can be harmful and even fatal to pond fish. To maintain a clean and natural balance in your pond, proper and regular cleaning on the filter and filter pads is necessary. Wi

How to Calculate the Volume of a Fish Pond

Knowing the water volume in a fish pond is useful information for several reasons, such as calculating the amount of algaecide, water clarifier or other chemicals to use safely in the pond. Virtually all pond additives are based on a ratio of water volume to the chemical, so total volume in the pond

How do I Replace a Sherwood Pump Impeller?

The impeller of the Sherwood pump is designed to pull water through the pump in order to move the water from one place to the other. The Sherwood pump impeller is made of plastic, and because it is constantly turning while the pump is working, it can develop cracks, causing the impeller to stop work

How to Clean the Bottom of a Quickset Pool

Swimming in the backyard pool is great fun, but the bottom of the pool can become dirty with leaves, dead bugs, hair and lotions. Quickset pools with the blow-up top ring may be less expensive than their professionally installed counterparts; however, they require the same care and attention. Regula

Hayward Pool Cartridge Filter Information

Hayward is one of many manufacturers of pool filter systems. Among the types of pool filters it sells are cartridge filters. These types of filters comes in a range of sizes meant for filtering something as small as a hot tub or larger pools exceeding 50,000 gallons. Cartridge filters are best known

Basic Pool Maintenance

Basic pool maintenance is very important to ensure that the pool is usable and available to enjoy. Many pool owners fail to keep up with required pool maintenance, which can result in expensive repairs in the future. A pool needs to be vacuumed and skimmed to clean out debris. The water has be to

How to Make Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are hung around porches and gazebos for privacy and protection from the weather. Outdoor curtains can be sewn from waterproof fabrics such as nylon, polyester and softer vinyls. Fabric stores offer a selection of outdoor fabrics intended for exterior cushions and curtains. Make no-s

Pool Safety - Is Your Hinge Safe?

Glass pool fencing is very durable. If the right materials are used, and it is installed well, a glass fence will last 3 to 4 times longer than a conventional fence.

How to Make a Water Fountain Using a Round Pot

Making a water fountain for your home or garden is a simple project you can complete quickly once you've assembled your materials. Fountains add a relaxing quality to your home or landscape with the gently trickling sounds of the water. You can easily make a fountain to complement the decor of your

Can't Afford a Hot Tub? Think Again - Try a Small Hot Tub

For many people a hot tub is a luxury that they think their budget will just never be able to accommodate and their dream of enjoying the therapeutic benefits of these products remains just that, a dream. But tubs don't have to be major investments and, with a large range of smaller options ava