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Indian Software Engineers PR Immigration Procedures

Software engineer is listed in skilled occupation list of Australia. This list lays down all the occupations which are in demand in Australia nowadays. Software engineer design, modifies, develops, te

Should the UK Government Enforce Stricter Border Control?

There can't be many who haven't seen the TV news reports from France showing images of people from various parts of the world sitting in makeshift camps near Calais whilst waiting for their chance to get into Britain. Tired and dishevelled, many have travelled great distances to reach the

Pros and Cons of US Immigration Laws

Immigration is the act of moving from one country to another nation. A study of American history reveals that the United States has been a nation where new immigrants were alternatively welcomed and then barred. American immigration laws can be complex and difficult to understand and arguments can b

When USIS Comes Knocking on Your Door: What to Do When You Receive an RFE

Receipt of a Request for Evidence ("RFE") from UCSIS is the first sign that your visa or immigration case is in trouble. Receipt of an RFE requires prompt action to avoid an outright denial of your visa petition. This article will help you understand the format of an RFE, how to respond to

PR visa procedure for Canada

CIC has made an effective PR visa procedure for Canada to attract immigrants with an exceptionally good academic, professional or business experience and make a positive impact on the economy. A lot d

Canberra Reduces Visa Pass Mark for Skilled Immigration

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia has reduced the present pass marks required for their program of SkillSelect. Now it is much easier for the workers from Britain and from other nations to move to the Kangaroo Land, for work purposes. Aspirants under these visa categories st

Importance Of Re-Entry Permit

For a Green Card holder, coming and going from US is easy and all they need to do is present the permanent resident card along with Form I-551. Most of the permanent citizens need re-entry permit to come back from their travels to US if it is greater than 1 year but less than 24 months.

Finding a Reliable Attorney in Columbus

For a number of reasons, it may be necessary to use the services of an immigration lawyer who can assist you. In the Columbus area, there are several practicing attorneys that concentrate their practi

How to check the status of a US visa Petition?

A foreign citizen who seeks to enter United States, must possess a Visa. A Visa is a travel document which gives an individual permission to travel to a specific country and stay there for the specifi

Bi-National Couple to Face Separation

The story of the bi-national couple, Jon Eric Evans and his husband Nedo is similar to that of the other bi-national couples in the United States. Nedo who is a non US citizen has two options, he must either stay illegally in the United States or must leave his love and return to his hometown, Croat

Political Parties Target the Newest American Citizens

Political parties and candidates are trying to gather the votes of new US citizens. A report from the US census data states that 6 percent of the voting population comprises of new US citizens. President Obama has been sending people to the naturalization ceremonies and to areas surrounding Miami wh

Timelines For EB - 5 Application Process!

The processing timelines for any application filed for immigration is always a matter of concern. These timelines vary dependent on the intake numbers at each of the United States Consulates in different countries. It is similar for the EB - 5 visa application processing.

How To Get Permanent Resident Visa From Mumbai

If you really want to get authentic information and inputs on How To Get Permanent Resident Visa From Mumbai then you must visit a proven immigration consultant who has all the experience and the seas

Reasons Against Voting Rights for Legal Non-Citizens

Many cities in the United States and throughout the world allow legal residents who are not citizens of that country to vote in local elections. People argue that because they are here legally and are active participants in their communities, they should get to have a say in who represents them. How