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Insurance 101 - The Insurance Basics You Need Covered Now

Just getting your first home and car insurance? Moving out on your own? Need to know just the facts to get yourself covered? Insurance 101 is the place! Scroll through the most popular insurance categories and find informative articles on affordable health insurance, gap insurance, umbrella insuranc

How Are The Rates Of A Non-Medical Insurance Plan Determined?

It is important to know what you are getting into when buying life insurance - it should not be a mystery. The health status and health history was a popular factor used to determine the rate. In the past, it was not uncommon to be denied coverage because of a pre-existing medical condition.

Have a Nonprofit - Consider an Umbrella Policy

Not long ago, I was checking on liability insurance for a nonprofit start-up, a local art, music and literature club. We were looking into real costs for running the group in order to prepare a business plan and the attached proformas. Insurance is a real cost, something the group really needs, and

Things to Consider When Shopping for Car Insurance

Getting car insurance is inevitably the next step after acquiring or purchasing a car. The moment you bring either a new car or a used car, start thinking about car insurance. It may be costly but thi

Loan Insurance is Under Utilized

As British consumers continue to borrower more and more money, it would make sense that they would also work harder to protect the assets purchased by their debt.Statistics seem to suggest this is happening.Overall, only about one third of Brits have payment protection insurance (PPI).

Are You Too Young to Purchase Nursing Home Insurance?

There are several advantages to purchasing nursing home insurance at an early age. You may need to be in a facility long before you reach normal retirement age. You may develop a medical condition lat

Life Insurance Leads Are Important

Life insurance leads are vital to any life insurance provider. It is with these leads that the company will be able to progress and offer its customers a better service. Adding to the client base is the final result that is aimed at through life insurance leads. Generating leads can be done in a var

Insurance Plans - All You Need To Know About Them

A Life Insurance policy today is both a viable investment and also a necessity. It is necessities because growing medical cost, increase in cost of living and also a reduction in the average lifespan,

Success Involves Good Insurance Marketing Strategies

There are literally thousands of helpful tips and suggestions on how to successfully engineer insurance marketing strategies. The Internet provides a variety of ways to accomplish this, but there are

Why Aren't More Agents Talking About Life Settlements?

Many agents have never spoken to a senior client about life settlements. Why so little interest in this valuable financial planning tool? For starters, not every agent is allowed to discuss the life settlement option with a client. Insurance company or broker/dealer prohibitions close the door for t

Why You Need Cheap Pennsylvania Home Insurance

If you can get home insurance that's just as good for considerably less money would you be interested? Here's a few suggestions you can follow to be sure you're getting the

When Not to File an Insurance Claim

You should buy insurance to financially protect you and your family for unexpected events such as automobile accidents, house fires and death. When a loss occurs, you file a claim to request compensation for all or part of the damages you incurred. However, even if you have insurance coverage for a

How Can I Get Cheap Medical Insurance

Today medical insurance costs are increasing all the time. This increase cost of health insurance has made most Americans to believe that they are unable to afford medical insurance. It further makes

Insurance Quote - Why Skip Protection When You Can Find Cheapest Deals Online?

Is there any reason or set of reasons why you should skip insurance? Bankruptcy, death, a multi billion dollar lottery - Apart from these reasons, there is absolutely no justification for skipping coverage. It does not matter whether we are talking about automobile or health insurance or even proper