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Michelle Obama - What is She Doing?

Since the presidential election, Michelle Obama has still been able to keep her thoughts and priorities straight. Her children, Malia and Sasha are still her priorities; she was raised in a loving household which is the same practice she is abiding to have her children be raised in the same fashion.

What Will Be a Hung Parliament's Effect on the UK?

With the general election approaching more Brits are beginning to be concerned by the prospect of a hung parliament. After the TV debates most pollsters put the three leaders neck and neck, with some giving Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg slight leads depending on their political leanings

Cut Back on the Number of Senate Confirmation Sought

Senate confirmations had been a major obstacle that every President must be able to surpass. While elected positions are guaranteed to not be touched by the Senate as this body is as well elected and that positions are directly filled in by constituents votes, appointed positions particularly in the

War in the Middle East Leaves Questions Unanswered

There are so many questions being unanswered lately why we are seeing all the problems in the Middle East; specifically this latest conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, which has now escalated into a war. Who stands to benefit from this war? Well if Israel can defeat Hezbollah then they take power

When They Use Our Constitution Against Us

Many folks believe that the Bush Administration has been too quick to put aside the Constitution in their pursuit of International Terrorists. Most of this noise is coming from the opposition party that also wishes to put aside various points of the Constitution to support their own agenda. Thus, we

How Many Jobs Does $447 Billion Buy?

If unit-pricing laws applied to the American Jobs Act, at least we'd know what the president wants to sell us for $447 billion. If we want to decide whether we like the price of the president's plan, we have to rely on other people to estimate what he is offering.

Regulations For Facebook

The Facebook social networking site has terms and conditions that its members must observe. Failure to comply with the rules often results in the Facebook account being disabled. Some regulations are easy to break unwittingly, such as gathering too many friends in one Facebook session. Anyone using

Types of Gender Mainstreaming

Gender mainstreaming is a public policy concept that assesses the consequences of a specific action upon both men and women. It stresses gender equality and seeks to stop the perpetuation of gender inequality. Mainstreaming comes in various forms, all of which relate back to the pre-planning stages

Conflict in Jerusalem

There were many placards - in Hebrew & English. I held one that read BUSH DESTROYING ISRAEL PEACE BY PEACE. Another one read GIVE TEXAS BACK TO MEXICO. And a funny drawing of an Indian chief sitting with Shamir saying "Let me talk to you about land for peace."

Public Support for Clean Industry and High-Tech Economic Business Models

Every economic development association that wishes to recruit high-tech businesses and set up high-tech business parks must make sure that it has the public support necessary to recruit such businesses.With more and more regions in our nation trying to recruit companies there seems to be more and mo

Specifications for Museum Lighting

Museum exhibits may seem rather dark to visitors who are accustomed to brightly lit homes, workplaces and shopping malls. But museum professionals intentionally keep light levels low to protect and preserve the artifacts. Some artifacts are more sensitive to light than others, so they require closel

How to Refinish a Fiberglass Church Baptistry

Just like many home showers and tubs, baptisteries are frequently made of fiberglass. The fiberglass is gel coated to give it a protective finish. Overtime, the finish on a fiberglass baptistery can become discolored or outdated. Refinish your church's baptistery with a special epoxy paint to give i

What Hand Gestures to Use During an Oral Presentation

When delivering a speech, it is traditionally considered rude to point at the audience or make other extravagant hand gestures. Nervous speech deliverers, however, find it difficult to leave their hands at their sides. However, some hand gestures are appropriate and have come to be expected during s

Nuclear Radiation and Nuclear Power Accidents?

We have groups in our nation who are very anti-nuclear, yet that would be the answer to those who believe in Global Warming? If they really do not want CO2 and other pollution gases in the atmosphere then nuclear is the most obvious answer.

Thanksgiving Worship Resources

From the early days of America, Thanksgiving has held significance as a spiritual occasion to reflect upon God's goodness. According to the Encyclopedia Smithsonian, a Massachussetts legislator in 1789 moved for a day of thanksgiving to God for the nation's opportunity to create a Constitution. Pr

Hillary vs Obama

The main dominant figures in today's elections that will define the following president in America history are Hillary Clinton from New-York and Barack Obama from Illinois. According to the latest results of votes Clinton won in 3 states: New-Hampshire, Nevada and Michigan, but Obama in Iowa an

How to Send Mail to APO Addresses

Service members stationed throughout the country and overseas appreciate receiving letters and care packages from family and friends. Spending every day focusing on military tasks, particularly in an unfamiliar country, can be lonely, making contact from family and friends extra special. There are p

Madras Breakfast Foods

Curries, tamarind, peaberry beans and crushed ginger are common spices in Southern India.spice image by Marek Kosmal from Fotolia.comLocated on the Southern end of India, Madras is the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu. Known for "Madras curry powder" which is only available for...