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Do Let That Calorie Fool You, It Is Essential For You to Live

Do you know what a calorie is? I'm sure you know that there's calories in food and that junk food has more calories. But do you really understand what a calorie is and how it works in your body? I want you understand how essential it is that you consume enough calories for you body to work

Best Male Enhancement Pill That Can Work For You

The word best is much related word and it varies from man to man. Thus it is not easy to answer which is the best enhancement pill for male. Different peoples have different criteria to ...

Is Your Student Athlete Being Fueled by Fake Foods?

If your child is involved in any kind of organized sport activity, you are probably familiar with the last minute scramble to find inexpensive snacks and drinks that the whole team will like on your scheduled day. It's just one more thing on the endless list of things that we moms (and dads) do

Top Nutrition Myths

As you know, nutrition is a key component to achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. If you do not eat properly, then no amount of physical fitness will be enough to get you to lose weight and get into the best shape of your life. A multi-billion dollar industry has been built around this fact

Meal Replacements: 7 Great Green Shake Recipes

One of the main challenges with committing to meal replacement for weight loss shakes or smoothies is creating variety in your day by day routine. You need to have high quality options so you don't ...

5 Diet Rules for Good Health

Over the past few years one of the popular buzz words has been "Super foods". As the link between poor diet and disease has strengthened, so the list of Super foods has grown. We have ...

Breaking the Habit of Eating While Engaging in Other Tasks

As we are distracted by whatever activity that we are engaged in, we will not be giving our full attention to the food that we are consuming. This can often lead us to eat far more than our body needs, and also ingest far more calories than we require. We will also form a mental bond between food an

Fatal Effects of HFCS Consumption

We all crave sugar and we all want to avoid unwanted calorie intake. There are many substitutes that are available in the market today that can satisfy your craving and at the same time save ...

Dried Fruit - Nature's Candy

If you are craving something sweet, don't reach for the candy just yet. Consider trying dried fruit as a tasty (and more healthy) alternative. There is a wide variety of dried fruit, coming from both vines and trees

Water - What It Can Do For You

Every system in your body depends on water. You may need increased fluid intake if you develop certain conditions, including bladder infections or gall stones. Our bodies (like the earth) is made up of 2/3 water. It is vitally important to re-hydrate often.

Weight Loss - Basic Nutrition Tips

The basic essential for successfully losing weight and maintaining it thereafter is a well balanced diet. A well balanced diet is one that is high in Protein and Fibre and low in Carbohydrates, Fat, Sugar and Salt. Also drinking adequate water is extremely important and perhaps the key to effective