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Safety And Precision In LASIK With The Wavelight 500HZ Wavefront Technology

The combination of a highly advanced laser technology, using a laser that provides the doctor and the patient the highest level of safety, accuracy and reliability in LASIK along with the surgeon's expertise, performed under International protocols and with International standards of hygiene is

What To Do And What Not To Do After Dallas Lasik Surgery

Laser eye surgery is among the more minimally troublesome surgical procedures you are able to have regarding recovery time, in addition following your surgeon's set of what to do and not to do after Dallas LASIK surgical procedure is vital to your speedy and also healthful recuperation.

How to Protect Your Eyes From Glaucoma

Eye is such an important organ for us that we can not live without it. However, it is very fragile and is prone to many diseases. Therefore, for the sake of our eye health, we should pay more visits to eye doctors.

Laser Surgery for Glaucoma: Pros and Cons-Topic Overview

Laser surgery uses a very focused beam of light to cut,break down,or destroy tissue. Doctors use laser surgery when medications fail to control vision loss caused by glaucoma. Laser surgery is done more often than conventional surgery for glaucoma. However,repeated laser procedures can lead to ...

Vision Correction Surgery

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of vision correction surgery including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

How to Take Out a Tub When Installing a Shower

Removing a bathtub from your bathroom to make room for a shower involves removing all of the tub’s components before you can finally lift the tub out of its spot. The tub is anchored to the drainpipes and oftentimes has screws or nails holding the top edge of the tub to the wall studs under th

Blue Contact Lenses for Any Eye Color

This article discusses the popularity of blue contact lessons in a U.S. population of predominately brown-eyed people. It also makes reference to the requirement by law for a prescription from a qualified eye specialist to purchase all forms of contact lenses and concludes with advice on the care an

Information on LASIK Eye Surgery

Thanks to LASIK, millions of people throughout the world are less dependent on glasses and contact lenses. However, the decision to have LASIK eye surgery should be approached with caution.

The Historic Development of Sight Tests

Sight tests have been practiced for the longest time. Educators, pediatricians, ophthalmologists, and optometrists have been a huge part in the earliest screening programs concerning vision tests.

What is Custom LASIK Surgery?

There are technological advancements in the medical field every so often and vision correction is no exception. Here's a look at one such advancement, the popular custom LASIK surgery.

How the Eye Sees

The main function of the eye is to convert light from the outside world into electrical nerve impulses, according to the Department of Ophthamology and Visual Sciences at the University of Illinois Chicago. These nerve impulses then travel to the region of the brain that's responsible for vision.

Ways to Stop Eye Dryness Effectively

People may find that their eyes are very dry or uncomfortable after staring at computer monitor for very long time. Or in some cases, the symptoms can be very serious. The reason is people seldom blink when they sit before computer monitor- blinking is the best way to relax eyes. However, if eyes ca

Sunglasses Are For Protection and Fashion

Sunglasses are worn for protection as well as fashion and have for hundreds of years. Here's a bit of history and advice on sunglasses and their best use.

How to Document an Eye Injury

Documenting all injuries, including eye injuries, serves a number of purposes. Besides helping you learn if your sight is suffering, documentation can also help in cases of on-the-job or in-school injuries where the victim may need to claim compensation for injuries suffered. The documentation proce

How to Buy Prescription Eyeglasses Online

In today's shaky economy more and more people are choosing to purchase their prescription glasses online. Buying glasses online allows you to buy the same glasses as you would find in any eyeglass store but at discount prices due to the low overhead of running a website as opposed to having to

Lensmart Review

Offering the very best in big brands with big selection, Lensmart is your one stop shop for your eyewear and eye care needs. It's easy to order contact lenses online and find amazing bargains. With 24 hours a day, 7 days a week shopping, you never have to run out of lenses again.

The Differences Between Hard and Soft Contact Lenses

There are two main categories of contact lenses: hard and soft lenses. They each have different benefits and down sides. In this article we will compare hard and soft lenses to help you understand the difference between them.

Who Else Wants Comfort All Day? - Proclear Mutlifocal Contact Lenses

Using a substance (phosphorylcholine) found in human cell membranes naturally, Proclear Multi-focal contact lenses are said to be he only contact lens that will help control two kinds of eye conditions: astigmatism and presbyopia. These lenses are proved to not only help these conditions, but they s