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Father Of The Bride Speech Tips - Wedding Speeches

Marriage joins two souls together bound in the promise of being husband and wife through all of life's ups and downs. After the ceremonious wedding, a reception takes place during which weddi

Rennie Mackintosh and Art Nouveau

Like Florence in 16th century in Italy under the Medici ruling, Glasgow in 19th century was the one of the most powerful and wealthiest city of English Empire.

Adele Reaches Billboard And I Tunes Milestone

The 23 years old Brit currently leads Rolling Stone's year end list and has also made history on both the i Tunes and Billboard end of the year charts. She became the 1st singer to score iTun

FW: Here Come the Chinese

Viral images purport to show China's new aircraft carrier under construction, a massive vessel with twin hulls and two flight decks.

Amiri Baraka interviewed by Dwight Hobbes

Interview with literary icon Amiri Baraka for the premiere of e.g. bailey's adaptation to the stage of Baraka's Wise Why's Y's.


2009 American Music Awards Red Carpet Photos

Adorn Your Life With Beautiful Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are considered as one of the most distinctive part of human era. It has been a part of existence since from the time; man has domesticated himself inside some kind of shelter.

The Case of Phiengchai Sisouvanh Synhavong

A young mother, nine months pregnant, is dead after her baby was cut from her womb and stolen. Phiengchai Sisouvanh Synhavong, found later with the baby in a bloodied car, claimed to be the child's mother.

This Week: New Hardcovers

This Week's New Hardcovers (Dec. 5-12, 2011): New releases in science-fiction and fantasy, including novels, anthologies, biographies, and analysis.

Leading the Sweet Life at

Anyone in need of a daily fix of fashion news, food tidbits or beauty information should make a point of visiting the website. In one twenty minute visit I found out all about the coming