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How to Be a Better Birder

Review of How to Be a Better Birder (2012), a concise look at advanced techniques any birder can use to improve their birding prowess by looking beyond the bird itself.

Care of Nightingales

The nightingale is known for its beautiful nighttime singing, although you can also hear them during the day. It is the male nightingale that does most of the singing. The purpose of the singing is to find a mate. Few other birds sing at night, which is what makes nightingales unique. Nightingal

How to Attract Horned Owls

The horned owl benefits property owners by reducing pest species, such as rabbits and field mice, naturally. Unwanted birds or rodents will often vacant the premises when a horned owl takes up residence. Gardeners often place plastic horned owls within the garden to deter unwanted pests from the veg

How to Give Parrots Milk

Parrots are very interesting and unique pets --- after all, how many people are able to have conversations with their animal companions? Like many pets, parrots require a balanced diet that includes healthy vegetables, nuts and seeds. Generally speaking, parrots will eat almost anything that is safe

Planning to Buy a Parrot? Read This First

Parrots are smart, beautiful animals. Many acquire extensive vocabularies. Some can respond to simple questions. A few learn tricks. You might think that a parrot is the ideal pet. But you'd be wrong.

How to Potty Train a Conure

Conures are bright, beautiful and loud parrots. There are a variety of species available in the pet trade, from the popular Sun Conure to the lesser known Patagonian. Regardless of species, conures are acknowledged as intelligent birds capable of learning a variety of tricks. As a pet bird owner, on

How to Identify Baby Chickens

Going into poultry with a little fore-knowledge ensures that you get what you pay for. While all chicks are similar in appearance, there are a few tell-tale signs that separate one breed from another.

How to Potty Train a Chicken

Although it may sound odd to some people, chickens can make entertaining pets. Chickens that are used to humans can be friendly and playful and can be trained to do simple tasks. It is easiest to bond closely with a chicken you have hand-raised from a chick, and it is important to learn about the ne

Homemade Hummingbird Liquid

Hummingbirds are amazing birds to watch. If you have a hummingbird feeder to attract these birds to your yard, don't bother purchasing nectar from the store. Not only is nectar costly, the hummingbirds may actually be deterred by some of the ingredients. Make your own hummingbird liquid for the feed

How to Make Part of a Room Into an Aviary

If your life is for the birds -- literally -- and you’re serious enough about your avocation to devote part of a room to house your winged pets, there are plenty of ways to create an attractive aviary. To avoid spending thousands of dollars to accomplish the project (see Resources), bring out

Breeding Gouldian Finches - Things You Should Know

When breeding gouldian finches it is very important to understand a few key things, they will make the breeding experience better for the finches and for you. It is about preparation and understanding finch behaviour that will tell you whether or not two finches are compatible. Once you know they ar

Why Do People Want Military Binoculars?

To the typical person, military binoculars seem like a useless frivolity. Why spend hundreds if not thousands more on a product that does the exact same thing as its cheaper counterparts? This critici

Common Parrot Illnesses

For the dedicated parrot parent nothing is worse than having a sick parrot. Often times the illness was not detected in the early stages, and now has become severe and endangers the parrot's life. Here is a list of commonly recognized illnesses that can attack your parrot: Aspergillosis- This i

Fall Planning For Winter Bird Hosts

Fall is a very important time of the year for Wild Birds. That is why it is so important to get your Backyard haven up and running. It is up to us to help the birds to get ready for migration or to help the ones who stay to have a safe place to stay and food to keep them healthy for the winter.

How to Raise Wild Birds

Raising a wild bird can be a great way to give an otherwise helpless animal a second chance at life. Many baby birds die within the first few months of life. With proper care they may be more likely to survive than they would've without the help. Birds nursed to health by humans have a 50 percent su