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Juan Carlos Garcia & Albin III

Here's a peek at the venues, thrills and spills of Olympic equestrian sports. See show jumpers, dressage riders and three day eventers in action with this collection of Olympic photos.

Wood Types for Horse Stalls

Ask 10 different horse owners which type of wood they prefer to use for building horse stalls and you will probably get 10 different answers. While many types of woods can be used, choosing a type of wood that is strong and durable will help ensure that your horse has a stall that is safe...

How to Stop a Horse From Rearing Under Saddle

Rearing is a very dangerous and difficult to cure vice. Not only can it be life threatening to both horse and rider, it is a very scary experience for most riders. Understanding why it occurs is the first step to handling the situation.

How to Make a Wire Horse Fence

Owning and caring for horses can be a challenge. Many people are drawn to horses for their grace, beauty, speed and power. But having a safe place to house them, as well as to protect others from their foraging, is imperative. Fencing is one of the largest investments a horse owner will make and wir

How to Secure Chicago Screws

Find tips on how to make sure the Chicago screws on your tack don't come loose with use. Learn how to secure Chicago screws on horse tack.

Horse Vaccinations - Allergic Reactions

It's wise for owners of horses with mild to extreme allergies to have their veterinarian give their horse an antihistamine injection when they are vaccinated. In addition, I have found over the years that precisely where that injection is given, is equally as important as the injection itself.

What Are the Seven Types of Horse Stall Bedding?

Bedding materials can greatly affect a horse's health and 3 image by Dozet from Fotolia.comChoosing a bedding material for a horse is an important decision, and one that must be made with a horse's individual personality and needs in mind. Bedding provides heat and...

Braiding Horse Hair Is Good For Your Horse

A lot of people who own horses will braid their hair, there are a few reasons that you would want to do this, the most common being that it just looks better. There are however some real benefits to your horse that may make it worth doing even if you are not concerned with how the hair looks. In par

How Much Sweet Feed Should I Give My Horse?

Sweet feed is a concentrate and only part of the horse's diet.horses feeding image by Lee O'Dell from Fotolia.comSweet Feed Daily AllowanceHorse feeding depends on several factors such as age, activity and weight of the individual horse. For instance, according to Equisearch, a light...

Holistic Cures for Canker in Horses

Canker is a nasty disease of the hoof that can cause lameness, and in extremely rare cases, death. It is a fungal infection of the hoof wall or the laminae of the hoof that causes a cauliflower looking growth to form on the bottom of the foot. It occurs near or around the frog, and can show up on th

How to Train a Horse to Stand at a Mounting Block

Standing still at the mounting block is a basic skill that horse owners should teach their pets as soon as they are old enough to be ridden. Horses that walk away during mounting can pose a safety hazard to beginning riders and to children. However, this behavior is not difficult to redirect in most

Problems With Treeless Saddles

The debate over the benefits and problems that result from riding horses using treeless saddles has been going on for over a decade. Treeless saddles provide an alternative option for horses with back problems or that are hard to fit with a traditional saddle. Treeless saddles may benefit some rider

Equine Colic Causes

Colic in horses can be brought on by a variety of causes.horses image by Earl Robbins from Fotolia.comA general term for any pain or distress in the abdomen in horses, colic typically develops from disturbances in the digestive tract. There are many different causes for the development of...

How to Buy Horse Halters or Leads

If you enjoy riding horses for show or for recreation, then you know how important it is to have the right equipment for your horse. The halter and the lead are two important pieces of horse equipment that fit over the head of the horse and that allow you to control where the horse goes.

Free Riding: The Foundation

We've all seen the pictures of people riding horses with nothing more than a piece of string to guide them. The pictures are beautiful, but do you ever wonder how they got to that point? If so, read on! I laid the foundation/groundwork for free riding with my horse years ago, by teaching her to

Jobs in the Horse Industry

Working with horses is the dream of many.protegido image by Leonardo Jerez from Fotolia.comPeople have been in love with the idea of working with horses for centuries. Animals that are so beautiful and powerful have always been a draw, especially for people with disposable income. But...

How to Organize a Horse Barn

If you have always wanted to keep your horse at home, you will first need to design a suitable home for him. A barn is the perfect place to keep your dream horse, but it is important to organize that structure for the comfort of human and equine alike.