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How to Care for Your Cat

Every child should have a pet at some point in their lives. This teaches them patience and responsibility. They learn to be a caregiver to the pet, which will develop care-giving skills. It also places the child in a position of learning to watch out for the life of another living creature.

2010 Red Cats Picture Gallery: Oscar

Red cats may also go by "orange," "strawberry," "ginger," "marmelade," "yellow," or "flame." We celebrate red cats in December, because their vivid coloring mirrors the colors of a flaming red fire in the fireplace. Enjoy our new Red Cats p

Devon Rex Cat Information

Devon Rex refers to a specific breed of cat. These cats have extremely large eyes and ears and curly coat.

Symptoms of a Cat Skin Allergy

There are many symptoms of cat skin face image by Viktor Korpan from Fotolia.comFeline skin allergies are most commonly due to the cat's environment or inhalants in the air. Many things can cause an allergy in your cat including pollen, shampoo, food, fleas and certain...

Low-Protein Food for Dogs

According to some schools of thought, a low-protein diet is ideal for senior dogs, obese pets and dogs who suffer from kidney disease. Before starting a new diet, it's essential to consult a veterinarian. Low-protein diets can be dangerous for puppies and dogs with conditions associated with muscle

How to Keep Kittens From Going Outdoors

While kittens have a tendency to be affectionate and even needy at times, they also are pets that are more independent than puppies. It's not unlikely that the independent nature of some or even all of your kittens may cause them to attempt to venture outside to find food, places to hide or just to

Cat Constipation

Normally a cat has bowel movements once or twice a day. If the pet does not do it or strain to do it with hard feces, the cat is suffering from Constipation. It is a very common problem with cats and an occasional bout of Constipation is nothing to worry about.

An Owner's Guide to Stomatitis in Cats

Stomatitis in cats is a condition that affects the mouth. It is very painful and occurs when the soft tissues in the mouth are inflamed. This condition can affect cats of any age or breed. Keep reading to...

Cutest Cat Contest Picture Gallery: Prince

Is your cat the cutest cat in the world? is pleased to announce the Cutest Cat Picture Contest. Please read the rules carefully, then submit your Cutest Cat photo by following these Guidelines.

How to Make Dry Cat Food at Home

If you worry about commercial dry cat food harming your cat's health, make your own at home. Recalls of pet food happen often, and the food we often feed our cats ends up actually deteriorating their health. Common ingredients found at your local grocery store will help you to make your own cat food

Homeopathic Remedy for an Elderly Limping Cat

Homeopathy is an alternative system of healing. There are thousands of homeopathic remedies, all of which are comprised of heavily diluted natural substances. Homeopathy's proponents believe it can remedy a broad spectrum of both physical and emotional issues. Since people may benefit from homeopath

Prednisone Treatment for Kidney Disease in Felines

Kidney failure typically occurs in older cats over the age of 10; however, with early treatment, the cat’s life can be lengthened. Prednisone may treat kidney disease, but there are many side effects associated with the use of prednisone in cats.

Diet & Nutrition for Cats

Feeding your cat an appropriate diet is one of the most important things you can do for his health. Understanding cats' dietary and nutritional needs can help prevent such health problems as dry skin, food allergies, urinary tract stones and crystals, irritable bowel disease and diabetes.

Big Cats

Lets first establish what big cats are - I mean how are they differentiated from small cats... There is actually some argument on this issue in certain circles! Generally speaking big cats are...

Why House-Training Cats Is Simple But Important

We are lucky that cats are naturally clean. We still have to be mindful of kittens who look to us to provide them with their private space and appropriately clean litter box where they will feel happy. Kittens need their privacy and clean litter boxes otherwise they will not use them. In addition, i


Cats Being Cats Picture Gallery - Featuring Baby