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Maggots On Flowers

Flowers add color and texture to yards and gardens. Home gardeners must routinely inspect their flowers for signs of damaging pests. Maggots are the larval form of adult flies, beetles or moths that are often seen in flower stems and bulbs. Sunflower maggots, fungus gnats and bulb fly larvae are a f

The English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is a hunting dog which would "spring" the game up for the gun or the hawk.

Koi Colors in Your Koi Pond

So what is a Koi? It is a fish grown in the orient and is popular among fish lovers. Koi are popular for their colors. Koi also serve as a source of food and income. ...

Chigger Mites & Dogs

Trombicula alfreddugesi, or chigger mites, are a nuisance to dogs and several other creatures, humans included. They are parasitic only in their larval stage. The bites of chiggers typically affect dogs near their ankles, bellies and heads and will cause a dog to scratch or lick the area constantly

How To Choose A Good Dog Breeder

One of the most difficult aspects of choosing a dog is not the dog himself but the dog breeders. It is often quite difficult to find the right dog breeders or a breeder associated with the Kennel Association of a particular country like AKC for the US

Organic Dog Food - Dogs Physiology Pt 2

In part 1 we explored some of the more obvious differences between dogs and humans and the effect on their nutritional needs. Simple differences like the number of teeth and the fact the dog's jaw ...

Sims Unleashed Hints

"The Sims: Unleashed" is part of the popular "The Sims" line of video games. Unleashed is an expansion pack that players can purchase separately. By adding it to their existing game, players are now able to garden various plants, build a wider variety of restaurants and stores, and adopt...

How to Find a Renowned Bengal Cat Breeder

One of the most difficult tasks in getting a Bengal cat of your own is to know where a reputable Bengal cat breeder is located. Do have to travel long distances just to get your hands on a Bengal cat that has been lovingly and properly raised and cared for by a true breeder? That may be the case bef

What Are Fresh Water Flatworms?

Fresh water flatworms are one of thousands of flatworms in the Platyhelminthes phylum of water creatures. This particular type of flatworm has a distinct body that is easily recognized by the naked eye. Fresh water flatworms are free-living marine creatures that find their own food and do not have t

Bird House Building

Building a bird house is a fun and easy project, something you can do by yourself or with your kids. And a bird house that is well-designed and well-placed can bring many years of enjoyment, for you a

How to Care for Newborn Pygmy Goats That the Mother Abandoned

Pygmy goats can bear one to four babies every 9 to 12 months, and sometimes mother goats abandon their babies because of illness or exhaustion. Abandoned babies can still become strong, healthy adults, but they require special care, especially in the first few days of life. It's important to keep th

Training Your Dog With Valuable Human-dog Relationship

Training Your dog With Valuable Human-Dog Relationship!Join hundreds of happy dog owners all over the world who have used Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer video systems to solve their dog’s problems – often in just minutes,without force, fear,sprays,electric collars or shouting...

New Technology Can Improve Your Pet's IaQ

Pet facilities are providing clean, fresh purified air for their dogs and cats. This results in healthier, happier, more alert pets. In Atlanta, some of the more progressive, "high end", pet boarding facilities (kennels) and ...