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Wedding Photographers CT: Choose Wisely!

Are you looking for wedding photographers in your area. What's your criteria? Are you looking for someone who will work within your budget and provide you the best results? Or budget is not a constraint, ...

Digital Photography Tutorial - Taking Portraits

Portraiture, if you have the knack for it, is a very satisfying type of photography. To begin this digital photography tutorial, I'd like to start off by saying you have to have a knack for portrait photography, simply because it's true. If you can't put your subject at ease and get t

Techniques Behind Panoramic Photography

There is always a unique shape or aspect ratio about panoramic photography that will definitely make you slow down to give a closer look. The majority of the pictures that you generally see on a ...

Discover The Majic Of A DSLR Camera

Why a dslr rather than a point and shoot camera? The number one reason is the tremendous amount of features that dslr cameras have more than a simple point and shoot camera, but with the ...

Photo Printing for Digital Photography

This article talks about the various methods of printing digital photos from cameras. It also highlights the pros and cons of each method.

The All New Canon EOS 600D

Canon has just introduced the all new EOS 600D as it's next iteration in the hundreds series, which is an evolution of the top selling EOS 550D. The Canon EOS 600D has smart auto mode, ...

How to Tilt a Camera

The camera tilt is a basic camera movement where the camera moves vertically, as if looking up and down. This movement can be achieved either with a tripod or held by hand, but a tripod is the most effective approach.

The Effects of Scattering Light

Light scatters in much the same way as a handful of marbles rolled down a rocky hill. Scientists look for the effects of light scattering to learn about the shape and content of particles in the air. Each scattering effect has a different result of the interaction of light against particles, creatin

5 Digital Photography Hints to Get Better Pictures

When I was very young, my Uncle used to take pictures all of the time. After he would get them developed, he would put them on slides to show the family. I would sit there and look at his amazing pictures, and think to myself that I really wanted to take pictures like that.

6 Reasons to Buy a DSLR Instead of a Point and Shoot

A point and shoot camera is a very convenient way to take pictures because processors inside the unit automatically control the shutter speed, flash and other settings to generate a quality image with a simple ...

Benefits of Digital Cameras For Kids

Perhaps your child at one point in her life has picked up a camera toy or even your own digital camera and pretended to be the greatest photographer in the world. No one can really tell on whether your kid may in fact someday be a great photographer. But you can do something to encourage them.Why no

5 Steps for Perfecting Your Child's Photos

The pictures you're taking on the automatic setting of your point-and-shoot look okay, but they're far from perfect. It's time to step up your game and get some quality pictures you can hang on the wall. Adhere to these 5 comprehensive steps and turn your photos from good to great.

Posing Models - Techniques of the Top Glamour Photographers

The zigzag body-line found in sitting, kneeling and other contracted postures, offers a definite challenge to a director's ability in posing models and camera as well as to the model's ability to create and visualize her position from the camera's view. The two key-angles and the thre

5 Tips For Photographing Models

Arms in pictures are the despair of countless directors and models. If you are apprehensive about the problem - cut it in half. Work with one arm at a time. Arms can be an asset or a liability and the only way to obtain effective results is to use them effectively. This article will give you some ex

Do You Know the Tips and Tricks to Flower Photography?

The change in seasons indicates the best times to photograph flowers. Photographers will have their cameras ready during these times of the year. They might head to the garden, florist, or supermarket to photograph blooming blossoms.

Taking The Perfect Picture

Let me start this off by saying that I respect all sorts of art forms out there, and being a photographer myself, I can appreciate art in many different shapes, sizes, colors and forms. That's ...

Top Photo Contests Anyone Can Join

If actors crave the recognition they get from awards and writers from the number of sales their book generates, photographers want the approval of their peers in the photography community. It is not surprising then that there are a number of prestigious photography contests out there. Each one of th