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Asked and Answered: How Are Middle Class Americans Going to Survive?

I ran across this question on LinkedIn and felt I had to respond. How are middle class Americans supposed to survive these economic times? With high prices on everything, health insurance, gasoline and the salaries not going up as high as they used to, it seems that for the middle class, single pare

Introduction to Writing Love Poems

Ah, the love poem! There is nothing else like it on earth. To use your words in a creative and beautiful way to show someone special just how very much they mean to you is such a marvelous thing. The poem is more than just words on paper. The poem is more than just the opinions of thoughts of the po

Help Your Child Grow With Phonics Worksheets

As parents, we are always looking for ways in which we can help our children, no matter what the situation. When it comes to their education, you can help your children grow with phonics worksheets. Soon after you begin, you will notice a huge change in the way that they read.

Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind by Graham Hancock

In this book, Hancock is asking us to see with different eyes. From cave art to fairies to shamanic activities to UFOs, he presents an intriguing possibility that other dimensions may exist and that the beings encountered are, as suggested in his subtitle, not physical beings but ancient teachers he

Drunk Drivers

Watch out! Here they come. Inebriated and clueless, mentally incoherent. Prepared to kill someone. Of course the drunk driver rarely understands until we switch hands. And it is they who have to bury a mother prematurely at a graveside. Kiss a son or daughter goodbye before they graduate from high s

A Review on Talking to Toddlers

Talking to Toddlers is one of the hottest ebooks for parents. Find out what I love and don't like about it.

Serial Mysteries Vs Stand Alones

What are the pros and cons to reading a serial mystery versus a stand alone? How do you decide? Here are some things to consider.

Creed Griffon - Young Adult Fiction Book

In my latest quest for the next Harry Potter, I'm confident that I have found a runner up to that title. The Road To Dendura - Book One Of The Creed Griffon Series is a great read for ages 9 to 99 and I do believe that he is the next Harry Potter.

Children's Picture Books: The First Step to Developing a Creative Imagination

Children's books are sometimes the first point of call for early learning and it is a common misconception that children only look at the pictures. This is not true. Early readers learn to develop their imaginations and simulate experiences from books which are vividly illustrated, the story do

He Has Scattered His Gifts To The Poor, His Righteousness Endures Forever

The vision shall continue, in the garden he shall scatter his seed, tears of compassion that flow sea, salt and brine. For it is in his heart that he so aptly comes to bleed in visions and appearances in ripples that cross my mind, for their is no other saviour or sweetness, pure tenderness clemency

Audio Books - Listen and Get Knowledge

Books are the storehouse of knowledge and they offer us immense wisdom and enlightenment. Without books it would be rather impossible to study and gain knowledge. However, sometimes you may not be an ardent fan of reading and it may be possible that you loathe reading thick books.

A Beautiful Figure

I used to stare at beautiful figure. Why I preferred it? Am not quietly sure. It was something I felt deserved our attention. Nice words of praise with very good mention.

Children's Books Then and Now

No matter how old or young you are you can look back and remember the special books you read as a young person. Whether you became an adult yesterday, a long time ago or absolutely refuse to make that transition in your life you can look back and think about the books that you loved in the past. The

A Little Story With a Powerful Message- Go-Getter to Go-Giver

The Go-Giver is a powerful parable in just over 100 pages.This beautiful little book is not only a business parable told with wit and grace but a life lesson that carries an important message for all of us to learn and to put into practice.

Presbyterian Bookstores

Though the Presbyterian Church has a significant presence in the United States, there are not many Presbyterian bookstores. In fact, many towns lack such stores.

Book Reports the Easy way

Kids often emit a frustrated groan whenever they hear the words book report. Generations upon generations have dreaded writing book reports, and there is no sign hat this will change any time soon. Some kids struggle when it comes to reading while some find it to be a great joy. However, even the be