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Does Your Career Resemble You?

Ever wonder why you got caught up in the opportunity you're working only to secretly wonder, later on, why you started doing it in the first place? Let's explore a way to increase your happiness and improve your lifestyle.

Happiness - Where to Find It

History has already established the fact that money doesn't make you happy and you can't buy happiness and fulfillment. But some are slow to accept this fact, until they achieve the success and money, but still don't find the happiness they expected. We all have the potential to exper

Winners Plan To WIN Everyday

This article is about my company's core message of "Get Off The Side Line and Get Into The Game" to do more, be more, achieve more and earn more. To reach new levels of success you must not only take action but grade yourself on the performance. The more critical you are of yourself t

What is the Biggest Obstacle You Want to Overcome in 2010?

Do you want to overcome obstacles that have been holding you back for some time? The FASTER Principles will enable you to obliterate any obstacles that are standing in your way. This is your six step ladder to overcoming all your obstacles.

When You Decide

Only you say when you are willing and able to make a change. You make the decision to change, some sooner than others. Wishing you love and blessings on your journey through life.

Choosing the Right Therapist - Part 2

When it comes to counselling there are a number of different approaches that therapists use. In terms of choosing a therapist that is right for you it's important to have an understanding of the most common approaches to ensure that you get the right therapist and help you need to overcome any

How Most Fear Is Imaginary

Hello, I hope you are having a good day. Today I'd like to continue in the series about overcoming fear, particularly as it applies to developing a home business, but also as it applies to any other area of your life. So the ideas that I am going to be sharing with you, you'll be able to u

Magnetic Attraction With Spiritual Personality Development Is Real

The Law Of Attraction states simply that what you focus on, is what you get. When you focus on the more spiritual dimensions of human personality development, you tend to exude an uncanny magnetic attraction. Could this attractiveness be derived from an unmotivated state where you do not come across

Secret To Being Successful in Business

A great mindset can propel you forward in your life and business, while a bad mindset can make your life miserable. It's up to you. Do you want misery or do you want success?

The Power of Vision

Having a vision is your ability to see far. Like the long neck giraffe, it sees miles for you. To be a leader, you must have a vision. It is the power that draws people to you as a leader. Its importance cannot therefore be understated.

Why God Doesn't Answer Prayers

Many people believe that God does not answer prayers. But what if He does? What if there is a part you must play and you just didn't know it? What would it mean to you to know that God WOULD answer your prayer? Read on.

Setting Goals - A Proven 10 Point System

The setting of goals, and then working hard and smart to achieve them, is a significant habit that separates the 5% of people who are in successful in life from the 95% who are not. ...

Great Expectations

We all have expectations in life. What we expect from friends, family and more importantly partners is for them to be true to us as we are to them and to treat us with the same respect and desire that we treat them with, especially our partners however of whom we trust the most. We spend the most ti

How to Smile and do More in Less Time

24 hours in a day just doesn't seem to be enough time to fit in everything we would like to do. Just how do you manage your time at work? The key thing is your ...

Why Stress Is The Silent Killer

There's no doubt that twenty-first century living is filled with stress. Our jobs are demanding, our roads are crowded, and even our entertainment is fast paced. Stress comes in many packages, but the overall effect on our lives is easy to spot.

There Is Power In Sobriety!

If you think back to when you began to use drugs or alcohol, you probably believed that your decision to do so was giving you some degree of choice.After all, you were deciding to do something which, to some extent, was looked on in a negative manner by older people--this is especially true if, like

Lessons From the Creek

Everything is in flow here in Northern Michigan. Buckets of water have flowed off the snow-covered roof. That water, along with the melting snow banks is finding its way down the hills to my driveway...