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Latest Google Maps Update

Google maps is an app that is used by millions of users across the world and are a preferred map app used by smart phone users. Google has recently unveiled updates for the map apps used in smart phones and Android tablets.

SEO Questions Answered

Does using social media have an impact on SEO? Yes, it does. While the game is changing rapidly when it comes to social media and how search engines are viewing it, the trend is definitely moving positively towards your social media profile having a much larger impact on your overall SEO effectivene

Making Money Online: Flash Games

It can be a difficult thing to someone who's never made a flash game to get started, but this will provide a quick and dirty overview of how to go about the process. You'll make flash games before you know it.

How Twitter Can Help Your Business Today

With the advent of personal computers and increased access to the Internet, companies all of a sudden have a new way to reach out to customers. By creating a website, people in search of those particular goods or services could do a web search based on keywords and find what they were looking for. H

Pidgin Internet Messaging Client - Is This The Best?

Pidgin internet messenger is a client that lets you run multiple accounts from different services all at once. It is missing some features that might be important to some like video and audio capabilities.

How to Get Visible Online So People Will Say "I See You Everywhere!"

How would you like to get visible online so people are telling you that they see you everywhere they go? That should be your goal. You should be leaving your virtual footprint everywhere you go! So just how do you go about doing that? There are lots of ways.

Make Your Online Business Known Through Facebook Marketing

Many individuals and companies have chosen Facebook marketing to get customers and eventually to gain more profit. This kind of marketing doesn't involve a complicated process. It is actually a type of marketing that makes it easier for you to generate more potential customers. In the long run,

Why Facebook is a Great Social Media Site?

Facebook is currently one of the most popular social media sites today. More and more people can easily connect and reconnect with each other with the use of Facebook. It is a fast-growing site among others. It is actually growing in leaps and bounds on a daily basis.

Laugh Your Way to Massive Social Traffic

I wonder if you know how essential 'traffic' actually is to the life of your website and online business... I'm guessing you probably do. So, imagine how good you will feel here when I share with you one of the best and most underestimated ways to cause a 'traffic jam' headi

Social Networking - A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn

In finding a job networking has long been the best way and a site like is really helpful for job seekers. It offers three essential features for its users: It allows users (without leaving the site) to post a resume and profile, to establish a professional/ social network, and to seek f

Four Desktop Twitter Clients

With the abundance of tools and clients for Twitter, it's tricky to know which ones to try out. Here I present four of the better desktop twitter clients for you to peruse.

How to Market Your Business Using Facebook Events

One of the most effective marketing tools to promote your business would be through Facebook Marketing. Facebook can help your business grow at low cost and fast rate. Specially, that Facebook has more than 150 million users, it's so easy to reach for your targeted market.

Viral Social Media - Spread the Word Around!

Facebook and Twitter are both incredibly popular social media websites and for an online business, they represent an amazing potential to be viral social media, allowing the savvy internet entrepreneur to spread the word about his or her business to thousands of people for free and with a little eff

Reduce Advertising Cost For Senior Living With Social Media

I am not sure where you may be along the technical spectrum of the online world. Perhaps you are just getting email figured out. I wonder though have you ever asked yourself what is Twitter? Or what is Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. You may have even asked what is a blog?

Pinterest Tips to Help Your Social Media Campaign

If you are an entrepreneur, then there is a high chance that you have already tried using social media to market your products and/or services. The question is, what social media sites are you using? Do you use all of them or do you use only a few?

How To Make Money From Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads is readily available to anybody with an Internet connection and credit or debit card. You can make a Facebook account and begin your promotions on Facebook Ads in a few hours. You have to register first. The registration process is so simple and quick which makes Facebook Ads one of the

Why The New Facebook Profiles Are Better Than The Old Ones

If you have logged in to Facebook recently you have surely seen the new profiles. At first you had the option to upgrade to the new profiles but now they are mandatory. With that being the case, I figured it was about time I chime in with my two cents.

21 Tools To Find What's Trending

In order to achieve a successful online marketing campaign, particularly through social media it's vital to have a good idea of what's currently being talked about on the internet. Here are 21 essential tools to find out exactly what people are talking about in the online world.

What Do I Need to Start a Social Networking Site?

A social network business has earned its owners millions of dollars and is rapidly growing every second of the day. Forecasts show that the growth of social networking sites will double in the next 5 years. So, now is just the right time to start your social networking website before it gets very sa