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What Is the Reason for the Shape of Pyramids?

Thoughts of Egypt or the Egyptians often evoke images of the massive, square-bottomed, triangular pyramids. Mystery, legend and folklore surround why the Egyptians would construct such enormous structures in that particular shape. Pyramids are polyhedrons, having one base that is usually square, and

The Supplies Needed to Take Sheep to Fair

Some 4H members raise and nurture sheep as their project. Many take their sheep to county and state fairs throughout the season. They house the animals at the fairgrounds and them during the fair. The children can also enter the sheep in competitions, showmanship events and may also auction them at

How to Write a Story About Cinderella Using Jamaican Culture

The story of Cinderella is a classic fairy tale, but the story can be made into a Jamaican tale when you adjust the story to fit into Jamaican culture. The story line can stay relatively intact, but the setting, characters and use of language will need to be adjusted to fit into the Jamaican culture

How Can I Register With the White Mountain Apache Tribe?

The home of the White Mountain Apache is in the mountains of eastern Arizona. As with all Native American tribes, there are specific requirements for membership in the tribe based on the rules set forth in the 1993 tribal constitution. There are specific requirements and procedures to follow in orde

How Are Katana Blades Made?

There are few weapons in the world that are as instantly recognizable and deeply iconic as the katana, weapon of the Samurai. The katana comprises two primary components: The hard, outer shell, called the kawagane, and the flexible inner core, called the shingane. The components are bound together t

World Map Projection Types

Modern map-making is a sophisticated science, and there are hundreds of projections available to meet different requirements. There is even a projection that was developed to be used from space. Nonetheless, the many different world map projections can be grouped under a few headings, and often cart

Flamenco Techniques

Colorful costumes, intense movements, stamping feet, clapping hands and Spanish guitar are all elements of flamenco, a gypsy style of dance. The Columbia Encyclopedia reports that flamenco originated from a highly emotional and tragic Andalusia song common in the early 19th century. Each one of the

Types of Segregation

Segregation has separated parts of society throughout all of time. Merriam Webster defines the word segregate as "to separate or set apart from others or from the general mass". Segregation rarely benefits, but rather causes one group to feel inferior to the larger population. In American history, a

What Is the Meaning of Arbor Day?

Arbor Day is a national holiday that is celebrated the last Friday in April. It is a chance to take stock of the trees in your yard, neighborhood and communities by maintaining those that are already there, and planting new trees. The United States declared Arbor Day a national holiday to celebrate

Oklahoma Indian Tribes of the 1800s

The U.S. state of Oklahoma saw enormous change take place across its lands in the 1800s. Many of these included the upheaval and removal of many American Indian tribes from east of the Mississippi River onto Oklahoma reservations. Other nations were forced from ancient lands which had long housed th

The History of the Maori Moko

Ta Moko or the body art of the Maori people of New Zealand involves the carving of linear and circular shapes in grooves using a chisel-like implement following the body's natural curves. The artist then places ink into the incisions leaving behind a permanent design.

How to Host Japanese Foreign Exchange Students

Once you have arranged for a Japanese exchange student to stay at your home, you will need to prepare yourself and your home to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable time for all. Most negative experiences arise out of a lack of communication, unclear roles/duties, and a lack of social interaction; fin

Cajun Food Names

Green pepper, onion and celery are the basic flavors of Cajun cuisine.Serving gumbo image by Daughterson from Fotolia.comCajun food is famous around the world for being spicy and seafood-laden. Cajun food comes from south Louisiana, but you can order it in restaurants across the country....

How to Become a Member of the Hopi Tribe

Becoming a member of a Native American tribe can be an enriching experience. The Hopi Tribe of northeastern Arizona is known for its peaceful farming culture and love of the land. Hopi society still keeps its age-old covenant with Maasaw, caregiver of the Earth, to respect and preserve the land. Lik

Egypt's Contribution to Black History

Black history tells the story of the movement of African peoples to other parts of the world, particularly when they were forcibly taken from their homeland to the Americas and Europe through the Atlantic slave trade. But black history doesn't begin with the event of slavery; it naturally incorporat