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Psychic Dependency - Why It' s Compelling And Dangerous

Psychic dependency is as compelling as it is dangerous for both psychic practitioners and clients and can result in detrimental outcomes for both. This article explores how you can recognize and avoid psychic dependence.

Bringing Up Hindu Kids

When parents say Hinduism teaches that all religions are the same, kids find no reason to follow it. They say, "How does it really matter what religion we follow?" How can parents cope it? Dr. Frank Morales has one answer for parents bringing up Hindu kids in an alien land.

Using Astrology to Your Advantage

Over millennia astrology has evolved into two branches. One is the western method of astrology placing importance on the Sun and the other is Vedic or Indian astrology. Astrology places importance on the position of ...

How to Grow Your Church Through Self Promotion!

How do you grow your organization if people don't know about you?Simply put, self promotion is critical to not only sustaining, but growing your church and/or organization.Find out why.

The Message of the Wilderness Temptations

The story of the three temptations occur in scripture (Luke 4) immediately after Jesus is baptized by John in the River Jordan. He is led by the Holy Spirit into the desert to fast and pray for 40 days. The only details provided about His wilderness experience is the story of the three temptations.

What Is the Difference in Dry and Wet Stone Polishing Pads?

Wet and dry stone polishing are the methods that you can use to get a shine on your stone surfaces. However, the pads that you use for each method have their own unique make up that's suited to either the wet-polishing method or the dry one and you should not use one pad for the opposing method.

Are You Stuck in a Spiritual Status Quo?

If you are not growing spiritually, you may need to return to spiritual basics and recharge your spiritual batteries in order to make progress.

Lost Boy: Greg Laurie's Spiritual Rags-to-riches Story

To put it mildly, Laurie had a troubled, unstable childhood. Born illegitimately and raised by a wild and reckless, alcoholic mother, Greg has every claim to the term "dysfunctional family." His spiritual rags-to-riches story is nothing short of miraculous.

9 Places to Find Youth Group Skits Online

Every youth group likes to inject a little life through drama, yet sometimes those scripts can be hard to find. Here are some resources for finding Christian youth group skits online.

Is the Son God?

Question 25 of the Baltimore Catechism asks, "Is the Son God?"

Gratefulness with Its Spiritual Power

Today's world is full of worldly possessions, and it is not very easy to find someone showing some thanklessness for those who do things for them. The reason which is easy to see is that toda

How to Become a Pastor in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota does not regulate pastors or any other religious leaders. The process to become a Minnesota pastor is handled by the church organization. However, the state does regulate the religious leaders who perform marriages within the state. To become a Minnesota pastor licensed to mar

Saint John the Apostle

Learn about St. John the Apostle and the prayer topics he specializes in responding to as a patron saint...

How to Make a Drawstring Tarot Card Bag

While you can keep Tarot cards in the original box, it's nice to have a special place for them. Make this simple drawstring bag with a few scraps of fabric, some ribbon, and a couple of pony beads.