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The Fencing Lesson - Bouts in Conjunction With Lessons

The fencing lesson, whether group or individual, does not exist in isolation. Although some lessons are taught at a time and place different from any larger practice activity, in many cases the lesson occurs in a situation where fencing with other fencers is available. This bouting before or after o

The Spinning Fly - Fish Flies With Spinning Gear - The Easy Way

If you want to learn about fishing flies with spinning gear, using the spinning fly technique (otherwise known as the bubble and fly), then you will want to read every word of this article. Specifically, we are going to discuss what's so great about the spinning fly, special tackle you will nee

A Peek Into Professional Skateboarding

Skateboarding is now one of the most popular activities of the youth nowadays. It has progressed from being just a rebellious activity back in its older days to a fully blown extreme sport that it ...

An Enthusiast's Necessity - The Fly Tying Bench

A fly tying bench is a great way for the enthusiast to keep necessary tools, materials, and current projects organized and ready to use. It can be difficult to start a new project when you have to fish through a crowded box to find the right wire, feathers, or hooks. When stored in a box, materials

Taking Kids Fishing - Five Basic Methods

In a time where technology rules, a great way to get the whole family outside is to take your kids fishing. Fishing with kids takes them away from the television and teaches them to appreciate the great outdoors.

Mr. Style Speaks (Part 1)

If first impressions mean anything, I get really worried when The Golf Channel broadcast team come on the air looking like the board of directors at your local bank. The U.S. team's red white and ...

On the Road - Training For Triathletes

For many triathletes, being on the road means training in gyms, unfamiliar surroundings or hooking up with groups they bump into. If you do travel a lot, you can still have effective training and stick close to a plan but you have to be hyper-flexible.

What Happens at a Horse Show?

Take a peek at the basic goings-on at a horse show. There are many horse shows, and there are many ways to structure them, but the basics of a horse show mostly remain the same. Time, generations, and customs pass, but a horse show will always draw big crowds. There's no reason to stifle your c

Features of the Sit On Kayak

The Sit on kayak which was originally built for pleasure boating and surfing has now become a very popular fishing boat as well. One of the better known features of the Sit on kayak is that, everything is accessible and it is possible to take it right up to where the fish is.

Technical Details About Climbing a Mountain on a Mountain Bike

There is a lot of work you should do if you want to be among the best climbers when it comes to mountain bikes. It is never easy to do something notable, so here are a few simple techniques which could help you improve your climbing style. Most of the people ask themselves why there are bike riders

How to Ride a Wave

Learn How to Surf--How to Ride a Wave: Jay DiMartino explains how to surf (or angle)across the face of a wave. It's another step in learning how to surf for beginners.

How to Control Pond Algae

Pond Algae is a small but troublesome variety of plant life. It reproduces very rapidly under the right conditions, and can certainly turn a beautiful pond into a green mess, quite quickly! Once you know what you're dealing with, the solutions are easily achievable!

Practice Golf Swing Drills and Lower Your Score

Do you want to enhance your full golf swing? At the green, take time to practice your golf swing drills. After performing your golf swing drills, you can make shots and your game performance will improve. But first, you need to acquaint yourself with the basic elements of the swing. After which, you

Speed Up Your Pre-Shot Routine Transition For Better Golf Psychology

Learn how the faster you move from your golf pre-shot routine to actually hitting the ball, the better and more consistent you will hit your shots from your unconscious Right Brain and plan your shots in your conscious Left Brain. The top players in the world, like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, co

Can Brewers Make 2010 Playoffs?

The Milwaukee Brewers had a sub .500 record finishing 11 games behind the St. Louis Cardinals for the NL Central division lead. Despite finishing with an 80-82 record the Brewers have two of the premier players in the NL - Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder.