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Golf Bags

There must be thousands of types, styles, colors, makes and models of the simple golf bag. They are made by the well known giants like Nike, Callaway, Ping, Titleist, Wilson, Cleveland, Taylor Made and the specialty golf bag companies like Ogio, Sixron, Mizuno, Sun Mountain, Benetti, Datrek and more

Stretching's Not For Wimps

Love training, love a challenge, love to push yourself or be pushed to the max? To hit the ground running every time you workout? Love to get the sweat flying, the heart rate pumping, and your muscles burning as you challenge your body and mind? Want to improve and reduce pain? It's time to str

Why Not Get a Flat Tummy With a Speed and Agility Training Program?

Trying to shed some extra pounds or trying to lose the weight in the middle section? Well a perfect way to lose the unwanted pounds is by a speed and agility training program. By utilizing this type of program to get a flat and strong mid section, an athlete will also strengthen their core muscles.

Where to Find Mini Pocket Football Helmets

Many kids have memories of popping a quarter into a vending machine to get a mini pocket football helmet. The small helmets make great collectibles for sports enthusiasts or fun toys for children. Finding mini helmets can be a challenge, but there are some known locations.

Fitness - Easy Or Difficult

Want to get started on a fitness routine, but don't know how?Want to lose weight and enhance your appearance without expensive and harmful steroids and other supplements?The Fitness ebooks could be the solution you are looking for.

Exercise Basics

Exercise basics helps the reader understand the bare essentials needed for an exercise program, to help meet the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle.

Ripped Abs and No More Back Pain Series - Part III

You would be hard pressed to find a strength professional that wouldn't back up the benefits of zercher style lifts. They are irrefutably some of the toughest means of core training that should be part of any serious strength program. A zercher lift involves the weight, typically a bar, being h

Multi Joint Workout to Lose Fat

The standard way to lose fat has long been to hop on the elliptical or bike and peddle away. But there are ways to shed excess fat that are effective and far more interesting than logging miles on a treadmill. Multi-joint exercises that are normally reserved for building muscle strength and size can

Burpee Exercise - The Ultimate Fat Burning Exercise

I think for a lot of people who know about the Burpee exercise they were introduced to them in school PE class or in some military establishment. I got to know them when I did a lot of soccer training way back as a kid. I have a love/hate relationship with them in that I hate doing them but love wha

Ab Workouts - Things You Must Know Before You Try Ab Exercises

Getting six packs Abs, Flat washboard abs or Ripped abs is all about melting abdominal fat. However very few people realize the melting away fat from your abdomen is part of whole weight loss program with somewhat more focus on belly fat.

Finding Maritime Items At Art Auctions

I find some really nice maritime items for my collection at art auctions.I went to an art auction in Charleston last month and found a pair of candle powered navigation lights that were used on ships in the 19th century.

What You Need to Know About Jet Skis

Jet-skis are a blast to own and drive. They offer the thrill of speed, agility and power, all in a compact package. Moreover, they are usually more affordable than a boat, so it's a great way to satiate your desire for some nautical fun. Make sure to understand the differences in personal watercraft

What Size Glove Do You Need for Softball?

Softball glove sizes vary depending on your needs and position. Softball gloves are no longer considered secondary by leading glove manufacturers and are now available with the same premium leather and craftsmanship as top of the line baseball gloves. Wilson offers A2000s, Rawlings has Gold Glove an