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Share Trading Tips

The goal in stock trading is to make a profit by knowing the market's next move. Both fundamental and technical analysts believe their way is best in trying to predict the direction of the market. Fundamental analysis tells you what to buy by looking for value, and technical analysis tells you when

Capital Reinvestment Vs. Dividend Paying

Corporations create value for shareholders. Strategy for value creation is debatable, according to time frame and business ethics. Dividend policy is an arena where management and shareholders weigh short-term returns of capital against long-term profitability through capital reinvestment.

Holding Cash and Great Returns

Most people do not see that these the two things holding cash and great returns can actually work together. Most people just assume if you aren't investing all the time you aren't going to make good returns, not true.

Interested In A Stockbroker Job? Here Are A Few Tips

Individuals that plunk down their hard earned money and hope to invest enough to make a nice profit know all to well the risks involved with the stock market as an investment. That is why investors are always looking for people with experience that can guide them to good investments in a short time

Forecasting the Stock Market

There are so many stock market gurus and experts out there who suggest the ways to forecast the stock market. However, you ask any professional and experienced stock trader about forecasting the stock market and he would tell you that he feels tough to predict what would happen tomorrow in the marke

Mutual Funds - Dirty Little Secrets of the Industry

Mutual funds can be shark pit to the honest investor, if he doesn't know what he is doing. Who can forget 2003 when Eliot Spitzer, US Attorney General, brought charges and huge fines against some of the biggest names in the industry for late trading and marketing timing. There are the fat cat f

Interview Tips for Entry Level Accounting

Before a would-be accountant can crunch some numbers, he needs to obtain a position in which to complete these calculations. If you are fresh from accounting school and eager to enter the workforce, the first step you will likely face is an interview. To ensure that your performance at this potentia

Money Management Trading System

How to manage money when buying stocks, futures, or options -- what you must know before you buy. Many people have a very crucial problem, they take on more risk than they can.

How to Take All Losses Associated With Stocks or Options

Losing money in the stock market hurts the portfolio. Losing your self-esteem and pride from a bad trade imparts deeper pain. A failed trade, whether in stocks or options, often makes the investor feel demoralized. But a loss of money does not necessarily mean that the trade was a complete write-off

Stocks & Investing

Few better investment options have been created than the modern stock market. There is almost no investment that can provide a comparable rate of return over the long term for your money. Investing in stocks is not without its risk, but this is a risk that can be managed, and even used to the advant

How to Make Money Consistently Via the Stock Market

If you think that the only people who make money consistently via the stock market are professional traders then you are wrong. Everyday people make money from the stock market -- The secret is to know the secrets!

Long-Term Value Indicators in the Traditional Stock Market

In 1934, Columbia Business School professors Ben Graham and David Dodd published a textbook called "Security Analysis." Their central theme defined what is commonly referred to as value investing in the stock market. It focuses attention on companies that are undervalued relative to...

Calculating Fair Value of Stock - Are Some Ways Better Than Others?

Estimating the current stock value is an important skill that investors need to master as this will ensure that you do not pay more than the stock is worth. A variety of ways have been used to calculate stock values, with some being more complicated than others. Which you choose to use will depend o

Why Do Trades Take 2 Days to Settle?

A settlement date is attached to each of the millions of trades made daily in the stock market. This date is three days after the date of the trade for stocks and the next business day for government securities and bonds. It represents the day that the buyer must pay for the securities delivered by

Averages? Nobody Gets the Average

Regardless of education or life experience, most of us do not truly understand mathematics as applied in our daily lives. And there is no better example of this phenomenon than with our investments. I would even dare to claim that most stock brokers and advisors don't truly understand the conce

How to get Started in Stocks

Most of us would love to sit back and earn money from a company without working. There aren't too many ways to do this except by investing in stocks. Stock ownership allows individual investors to take ownership in a portion of a company. Getting started in stock ownership is not difficult. The chal