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How to Create Memorabilia

When some people think of memorabilia, they think of items such as movie posters, trading cards or sports jerseys. However, memorabilia can be anything that reminds you of something from the past, including your own life. Therefore, creating your own memorabilia can be any project that involves coll

Scottish Conveyancing Laws

Before buying that dream property in Scotland, understand Scottish conveyance.balmoral castle image by Rosemary Robenn from Fotolia.comScotland may be part of the United Kingdom, but the Scottish legal system is given a wide range of independence from the rest of British law, and because...

How to Find a Deceased Person's Will in West Virginia

When a West Virgina resident dies, his will must be filed with the proper county court clerk before it can be acted upon. The will is usually filed at the county clerk's office within 30 days of the person's death by a family member, friend or lawyer. The county clerk will then notify the executor a

Who Inherits in Georgia When There's No Will?

When someone dies without a will in Georgia, the intestacy laws found in the Georgia Code will dictate who will inherit the deceased person's estate. Here you will find a summary of the laws of intestacy succession in Georgia.

Estate Planning Importance and Affordability

One of the most important legal services to consider is estate planning, this is something you should take into consideration regardless of ago. Planning for an estate is important to do because death is often an unexpected and sudden occurrence. In the event that you pass away suddenly, the plannin

Questions About Passports

If you've never applied for a passport before, chances are you have questions about the where, what, when and how of obtaining a passport for either yourself or minors within your care. Getting a United States Passport is generally straightforward and can be achieved through filing the proper paperw

Can a Living Trust Compensate a Trustee?

Living trusts are a type of trust that take effect while you're alive, as opposed to testamentary trusts, which you create through your last will and testament and which only become effective after death. All living trusts are overseen by a trustee, a person appointed to run the trust. The trustee o

Executor of Will Responsibilities

The executor or personal representative of the will is a person, usually appointed by the deceased, to administer the person's effects after they have passed away. They can choose to accept or deny this responsibility, and the legal liability associated with it.

Offshore Trust - Effective Estate Planning, You Decide

An overview of offshore trusts as part of viable estate planning and the fear that keeps many clients and attorneys from knowing more about how to use them effectively. The creation of offshore trusts and other financial plans is a way of shielding your assets from the laws of the nation in which yo

Asset Protection and Tax-Free Investments For the Moderately Wealthy

An offshore asset protection dynasty trust is available not only to the very wealthy. An individual or a couple having a net worth of about $1 million can fund an offshore irrevocable life insurance trust that provides a life insurance benefit, tax-free growth of a variable high-yield investment por

How Can I Get a Copy of a Deceased Family Member's Will?

Family and loved ones only gather to hear the reading of a will and learn of its contents in the movies. In reality, there’s no great mystique about the document, at least after the testator dies. When the will is presented for probate, it becomes a matter of public record and anyone can see i

What An Estate Planning Lawyer Can Do For You

If you have several properties and assets under your name, it is best to consider planning and organizing them with the help of an estate planning lawyer. To you it may still be early to think of your family's future, particularly your children. But no one really knows what will happen, so it i

How Safe Is Your House in a Revocable Trust?

Placing your house in a revocable living trust may avoid the expenses associated with probate, but it won't typically protect your home from creditors or lawsuits. Because you have the power to remove your home from the trust at any time, most courts will allow judgment holders to attach to it.

How to Find Illinois Birth Records

The Illinois Department of Public Health's Division of Vital Records maintains birth records for citizens born in the state of Illinois after January 1, 1916. You can request a search for a birth record for those births after this date by mail, by fax, in person or online. For those births before th

What is a Probate Attorney and What Do They Do?

A probate lawyer is a state licensed attorney who assists Personal Representatives and estate beneficiaries with all of the steps required to settle the final affairs of a deceased person.

The Advantage of a Living Will

The advantage of a living will is that it guarantees that whatever healthcare preferences you have will be carried out if you can't express them yourself. This is extremely important in the case of a coma or similar condition.

How to Get a Copy of a Filed Marriage Settlement Agreement

Marriage settlement agreements contain information about how to invest your money, dispose of your property, pay income taxes, apply for a loan, or formulate a retirement plan. If you have children, your marriage settlement agreement will also outline you and your spouse's custody and visitation ar

Living Trust Fund Information

A living trust fund is an important part of an individual's estate plan. It helps dictate what happens to his property during his lifetime and who manages the property after his death. A common mistake is to confuse a living trust with a last will. Both have some inherent commonalities and are es

How to Change a Property Deed After an Owner's Death in Illinois

Owning a home is a dream for many people. When a homeowner dies, there are laws that protect the interests of the deceased and control how the ownership of the home is transferred. Changing a property deed in Illinois after the owner dies varies depending on the circumstances and if there are co-ow

How to Transfer Property to a Spouse

When two people marry, part of the unification is to share property and assets. Marriage by itself, however, does not entitle your spouse to property you hold in your own name, unless you divorce, in which case, the courts can, in certain instances, award nonmarital property to your spouse. If you w