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How Change the Fuel Filter on a Dodge 2500

The Dodge 2500 is a 4x4 truck that is built to handle the toughest tasks without failure. The Dodge 2500 comes with a six speed automatic transmission, hydroformed frame, and your choice of HEMI 5.7L V8 or 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel engines. Regardless of the type of motor that comes in your Dodge 25

What is Car Tuning?

The car also loses its appearance of vehicle series. The personal changes are not always approved (Approval of custom orders). May compromise safety at the expense of personal taste or whim, and the need to appear vain.

How to Install Brake Pads on a Suzuki Eiger

Although the thought of replacing the front brake pads on a Suzuki Eiger ATV may seem daunting to an untrained ATV owner, the truth is that the task can be performed with basic tools and common sense. Once you remove the front wheel, you can easily unbolt the brake caliper from the Eiger's frame, al

How to Buff a Truck

Whether it's a key scratch or a door ding, nothing makes a new truck owner frown like damage to his paint. Paint damage is a problem that must be dealt with in a timely manner to prevent further peeling and rusting around the damaged area. The most effective way to correct the damage is by buffing y

How to Remove a Tractor Fuel Filter

Like any vehicle, tractors need routine maintenance. Most tractors run on diesel fuel, which can be dirty when compared to gasoline. To prevent engine problems, a fuel filter stops those dirty components from entering the engine in the first place. After 100 hours of run time, the fuel filter should

Green Auto Repairs

When one thinks of recycling, thoughts often turn to separating the garbage into aluminum, glass and plastics or purchasing items made of recycled materials. Those are all excellent ways to recycle, to be sure.

How to Remove Stainless Steel Rocker Panels

In 1992 the hot trend in custom cars and trucks was installing stainless steel rocker panels, which were strips of stainless steel with adhesive on the backside. These were considered to improve the look of a car back then, but today, it's just a sign of how old your car really is. If you want to re

My 50cc Scooter Won't Start

When you want to go somewhere now, and your scooter fails to start, it can seem like a daunting mystery why. The task of troubleshooting the problem can be greatly simplified by understanding that your scooter's engine has only three requirements, barring engine damage, in order to start and run. Th

1999 Dodge Durango Recalls

The 1999 Dodge Durango has had five recalls.pick up truck 838583 image by Rusty McCloud from Fotolia.comThe 1999 Dodge Durango had five different recalls on the truck as of October 2010, according to These recalls ranged from the engine to the suspension as well as the...

How to Reset an Acura Tl ABS Light

The anti-lock brake system (ABS) light in an Acura TL is controlled by the ABS computer--a separate, standalone computer. The ABS computer actively monitors the ABS system to determine its functioning state. When the ABS computer senses a problem with the ABS system it stores a trouble code in its i

How to Repair Boat Floor Boards

When your boat's deck (floor) boards are gouged or scarred, you don't need to replace them; you need to repair them. If they look bloated, with rounded edges, they're "paint sick"--they've been so saturated with paint that they've ceased to look like deck boards and look like some organic addition t