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How do I Fill an Impact Gun?

Filling a pneumatic impact gun with air tool oil keeps the parts from rusting and reduces friction inside the gun at high speeds. Water in air lines can cause a gun to rust from the inside out. The materials needed for this job can be found in most hardware and automotive stores. The job should tak

How to Replace a Lancer Headlight

The Mitsubishi Lancer offers a simple design to facilitate changing your headlights. In some vehicles you have to remove the headlight assembly and other parts to access the headlight itself, but in the Lancer you do not need to mess with any other car parts except those on the assembly. The assembl

How to Read Automotive Wiring Diagrams

Automotive wiring diagrams outline how the electrical system is laid out. Each symbol in the automotive wiring diagram represents a power source, device to be powered, switching mechanism, electrical conductor, or electrical ground.Older automotive wiring diagrams utilize symbols that lo

A Checklist for Winterizing Your Vehicle

In many areas of North America the arrival of winter starts an annual ritual of winterizing your vehicle. Being ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way while driving will increase your chances of arriving safely at your destination. Winter driving is often feared by many drivers. It's

How to Repair a 1989 Ford Diesel Starter

The 1989 Ford F-Series trucks, excluding the F-150, were available with a 7.3-liter IDI engine. Due to the sheer bulk of the engine, the 7.3's required a very larger starter motor for initial torque to get the engine running. While starter repair houses were semi-common in metropolitan areas in the

Automobile AC Problems

Automobile air-conditioning problems can often be resolved by replacing a switch or refilling the liquid that supplies the refrigeration process. There can also be bigger problems that might require a more labor intensive repair by your mechanic. One problem with the AC can even be a health hazard.

How to Mix Fiberglass Resin & Cab-o-Sil

Cab-o-sil belongs to a range of products called fumed silicas. These products are essentially powdered glass and are used to thicken liquids such as fiberglass resin. An alternative to fiberglass gelcoat can be created by mixing resin with cab-o-sil, creating a "mud" that has the same properties of