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Chocolate Wedding Decorations

An ideal way to save money when planning a wedding reception on a tight budget is to create edible decorations. Make or buy chocolate items that could serve as a sweet table centerpiece or place-setting decor for a creative twist. You can create the decor pieces yourself simply by using melted white

The 411 on Wedding Favors

A favor is a small gift that you can give your guests, as a way of saying 'thanks' for attending your wedding. They can range from a small picture frame containing an engagement pic of you and your new husband, a trinket with your name and wedding date on it, or even something edible (edib

Wedding Bump Hairstyles

Finding the right wedding bump hairstyle can be daunting. Try out several styles before the wedding day to find the one that suits your tiara and wedding veil. The advantage to a bump is that it gives the tiara a natural base for attachment. Just remember to comb over the front section of hair, so t

Should You Hire an Online Wedding Planner? - Part 1

Nowadays, everyone is looking to outsource if they can. Outsourcing allows you to tap a larger percentage of the workforce and it also allows you to find cheaper labor. One of the ways you can outsource is to find an online wedding planner.

Fancy Lehenga Cholis As Bridal Wear

Almost every woman looks for uniqueness and style when it comes to bridal lehengas. The best way to choose a lehenga is to go by wearer's personality and complexion. One should aspire to look smart yet fashionable at the same time. Your weddings are once in a while occasions so ensure that you

Wedding Favor Ideas - Cookie Time!

If you prefer to give cookies as you wedding favors, it is either you will bake them your own or purchase pre-made ones. Wedding cookie favors are actually pretty easy to bake and decorate. However if you don't have time for such work, feel free to order them from your favorite bakery or online

Do-it-Yourself Bridal Shower Favors

If you need to save money or simply cannot find the shower favor that fits your theme or style, you can easily make your own favors. Handmade shower favors will also leave a lasting impression on your shower guests and let them know how much thought went into your gift for them. A message can be lef

How to Last Longer in Bed - Your Very Next Session

If your lovemaking is best described as "gone in 60 seconds", then this is for you. There is nothing worse than the feeling of inadequacy because you cannot satisfy your partner. Well, no more. After reading this article you can put an end to those feelings and enjoy sex for longer than yo

Singles In Dorset And How They Date

Dorset is one of the leading tourist destinations in the UK. There is so much to see and enjoy. The rich history is made evident by the presence of great historic sites like castles, churches, monuments and the list goes on. The theme parks and golden sandy beaches will definitely draw you to the lo

Holiday Humbug Or Holiday Hooray - You Choose!

As we approach the holidays, some of you may have a tingle of excitement as you anticipate the hustle and bustle of the season, looking forward to seeing family and friends to celebrate. For many however, this can be a very challenging time.Anxiety, dread and worry, are more the norm for so many.