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The Passion

Great shift of consciousness. Where does our passion lay, and how it effects free choice in manifesting reality.

Life: Why Doesn't It Always Make Sense?

Life will always add up; that being said, it may not always add up for you in a specific moment, because you may or may not have all of the information necessary to complete the puzzle. Once you accept this, you will free yourself from the burden of having to be the world's most prolific puzzle

The One Fear

You have two choices: to embrace the adventure or put on the brakes. Fear is the agent of resistance, the champion of procrastination, the defender of the status quo - despite the pain this may engender. For many it is better to suffer through the known than advance into the unknown. All fear is, at

Spare Time - What Do You Do With It?

How do you use your spare time in your life? Everyone gets a certain amount of spare time throughout their day. Many people choose to do something productive with this time, while others choose to seek entertainment. What you do in your spare time will determine the amount of success that you achiev

Shytroverted? You're Not Alone

Approximately 75% of all people are extroverts who thrive on social interaction. This means introverts are outnumbered and misunderstood in a culture that glorifies the bold and outgoing at the expense of the quiet and contemplative. When you add shyness to the mix, the ability to cope...

3 Ways of Using Intuition in Coaching

As coaches, we are required to be able to listen to our clients on "listening level 3", or the "global listening" level. Listening on this level is recognized and mastered by relatively few, because it involves listening to any outside stimuli, feeling emotion, sensing signals bu

How to Discover Your Heart's True Dream

Do YOU know exactly what your dream is?Do you have a clear idea what you want to do, have, become, contribute?With a whole world of possibilities to choose from, identifying a dream to which you can give your whole heart is not an easy thing.

Each Winner Is A Good Team Leader

Do you feel confused when you see the title of my article? What is the relationship between a winner and a leader? Well, take it easy. I have an instance for you and I consider ...

Successful People Never Complain

"If you complain people will just look at you as a pain." If you are the type of person that just complains all the time then it will be harder for you to get to your success because people will not want to do business with you. People usually do not like to be around people who are negati