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How to Use an iPod With a Sony DM Port

Sony DM or Digital Media ports provide a docking station for your iPod personal media player. The DM port allows you to both charge your iPod and share its audio with the devices in your home audio system as long as your receiver features a DM port. The auxiliary connection included in the DM port r

How to Make a Bootable Backup Disk

A bootable backup disk can easily be made using native Windows software "'Backup and Restore Center." The bootable backup disk can then be burned to a CD or DVD and used to restore the computer. The backup disk can store all the installed programs, files and information on the computer. This can sav

How to Compare G4 CPU Upgrades

Comparing Apple's G4 processors, otherwise known as "Power PC" processors, is a matter of knowing their performance-related specifications. It is important to look at the speed of the processor itself, as well as its ability to store and transfer information.

How to Password Protect FrontPage 2003

When you password protect Microsoft FrontPage 2003, your website administrators will have access to your webpage. This allows administrators the ability to modify any settings or make changes to your site when they see fit. Password protection will also help keep outsiders or hackers from attempting

How to Program a Hitachi TV Remote

A Hitachi TV remote is a form of universal remote control offered by Sony. A popular accessory for the home entertainment center, the Hitachi remote can be used to replace several remotes needed to operate DVD players, stereos, televisions and VCRs. Programming the Hitachi remote can be a simple pro

How to Draw a Line Through a Phrase in a Document

Whether you are doing collaborative editing, writing a tongue-in-cheek essay, or creating an advertisement, you may need to draw a line through a word or phrase in your text document. Most word processors allow you to do this easily using a font effect called "Strikethrough," or its more emphatic fo

How to Update a K7S5A Motherboard BIOS

The BIOS is the utility that initiates all of the hardware of the computer before starting the operating system. New BIOS (basic input/output system) versions are released periodically to correct bugs or to add functions. To update or upgrade a BIOS, including the K7S5A manufactured by ECS (Elitegro

Cell Phone Number Reverse Lookup - Identify the Odd Number

Suppose you observed an odd number on the bill of your phone or you detected an uncommon number on your other half cell phone which is repeated every now and then. Of course you will be interested to know to whom this number belongs. In this case you will either ask your other half a direct question

How to Update Nikon Lenses

Nikon SLR and digital SLR cameras come with interchangeable lenses. These lenses allow you to adjust how your camera captures the outside world, ranging from fish eye lenses to macro lenses. Regardless of the lens you are using on the camera, you can upgrade the lens with a series of filters that ad

How to Convert Text to PSD

Adobe Photoshop is a popular art program known for its ability to create and transform images. Its PSD format has become a standard that can be imported and used by many other programs. The format contains not only pictures, three-dimensional shapes and created artwork on separate layers, but also